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25 Dec 2017 - S26 FINAL ROUND

Round 6 matches: rage critters vs suicide squad vs free agent squad vs church of Renaud

And : fetta inc Vs zig zag ziggurat vs bad manneroths vs free ena

Legends  :L:

Boomtown  :BT:

Twilight Ruins :TR:

Equalrium :E:

21 Dec 2017 - M40 Result

:USA: :ne: Wrecktify
:Germany: :ra: Joggel
:USA: :ra: AlienWareOwnZ
:Russia: :ra: Jaod

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18 Dec 2017 - M38 Result

:Germany: :ra: Slythe
:Germany: :ra: WeAkUD
:France: :ra: SosoHasRedHair
:Austria: :ra: Toast

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18 Dec 2017 - M33 Result

:Russia: :orc: Airenikus
:Sweden: :orc: fetta_ook
:USA: :ne: FML|Mog
:Canada: :ne: FML|Renaud

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16 Dec 2017 - Kings Corner Podcast!

Wrecktify TV presents....

KINGS CORNER vol. 1 featuring :USA: WorpeX & :USA: Mog

First episode of the King's Corner with Wrecktify, Worpex and Mog[Skynet] taking a look back at the first half of the 26th season of the FFA Masters League (ffamasters.net) and BOLD PREDICTIONS for playweek 5 of the season.

8:26 - Intro
12:46 - Format Review
16:39 - Team Review
1:11:00 - Individual Standings Review
2:04:00 - Random Heroes Crucible on FFARENA
2:42:00 - 4-way FFA on Sanctuary on FFArena
3:24:00 - Shoutcast Inhouse Game on Market with Alien v. Eshan v. Trunkz v. Shave

16 Dec 2017 - Santa Hero Surprise Cup

The Santa Hero Surprise Cup will take place on Dec 23 (from 6 am CET to 11 pm CET).

The cup will be played in the reindeer slayer mode. All details about structure and scoring can be found in the following spreadsheet (currently filled with sample values).


To sign up for the cup, simply type "I bet on hero XYZ @HighTac" in the Discord Santa Cup Channel or this thread before Dec 23. You can sign up, even if you are not entirely sure yet whether you can play or not.

Have fun and let me know if you have questions!


Update: Final tonight at 5 pm EST / 11 pm CET on twitch.tv/HighTac

12 Dec 2017 - Round 5 Matchups!!

Current top 4 teams are as follows:

Team Standings Top 4:
#1: Zig Zag ZIGGURAT! (254)
#2: Bad Manneroths (238)
#3: Suicide Squad (214)
#4: Fetta Inc. (212)
#4: Free Ena (212)

Player Standings Top 4:
#1 :USA: :ne: WRECKTIFY [BM] (135.5)
#2 :USA: :ne: Mog [Zig] (131.5)
#3 :Hungaria: :ud: Tyrant [Zig] (129.5)
#4 :USA: :ra: Eshan [Zig] (127.5)

Suicide Squad was the big gainers this week, they jumped all the way up to 3rd place from outside the top 4. Zig Zag and Manneroths both keep the same position and have started to separate from the pack. In 4th, we have a 2-way tie!!

In the player standings, Wrecktify and Tyrant swapped positions to start this week. Wreck now claims the lead! Mog comes from outside the top 4 to take 2nd place and Eshan falls to 4th (from 2). Outside these 4, we have an extremely close battle for 6th place with almost every player just a win away from that spot!

Full Standings Link


Rage Critters vs Fetta Inc. vs Zig Zag ZIGGURAT! vs Church of Renaud

:DI: M33
:Russia: :orc: Airenikus [Rage]
:Sweden: :orc: Fetta_ook [Inc]
:USA: :ne: Mog [Zig]
:Canada: :ne: Renaud [CoR]

:LT: M34
:Germany: :hu: LssL [Rage]
:Germany: :orc: MrSweets [Inc]
:Sweden: :ra: Junkerzam [Zig]
:France: :hu: Valefort [CoR]

:BG: M35
:Germany: :ne: HighTac [Rage]
:USA: :orc: IWANTWC4 [Inc]
:USA: :ra: Eshan [Zig]
:USA: :ra: Seksi [CoR]

:P: M36
:Finland: :ne: Aarnikratti [Rage]
:World: :orc: Betoon [Inc]
:Hungaria: :ud: Tyrant [Zig]
:Peru: :hu: Zs.Supercumulo [CoR]


Bad Manneroths vs Free Agent Squad vs Suicide Squad vs Free Ena

:DI: M37
:Russia: :ne: Dinamo [BM]
:Argentina: :ne: Supremo [FREE]
:France: :ne: Ponty [SS]
:Germany: :ne: Trunks [Ena]

:LT: M38
:Germany: :ra: Slythe [BM]
:Germany: :ud: WeakUD [FREE]
:Germany: :ra: SosoHasRedHair [SS]
:Austria: :ne: TomToast [Ena]

:BG: M39
:Lithuania: :hu: EvilPeanut [BM]
:Poland: :ne: Gradient [FREE]
:Switzerland: :hu: Noexxx [SS]
:Germany: :hu: QQs [Ena]

:P: M40
:Germany: :orc: Joggel [FREE]
:USA: :ra: AlienWareOwnZ [SS]
:Russia: :ud: Jaod [Ena]

10 Dec 2017 - S26 round 5!

2/3rds of the way through the season! Everyone still has a shot at the postseason, but if you find yourself in the middle of the pack or lower...its do or die time to make up those points!

Before we go on, we need to add on to rule 6.50 unsportsmanlike conduct.

Quote from: Rule Book
6.50 Unsportsmanlike Conduct

In order to secure a well regulated and pleasant course of game, it is inevitable that all players act in a sportsmanlike and fair way. This may include, but is not limited to:  Spamming during a game, kicking players from the server or match, not playing for the win, artificially inflating end-game score or faking an account without revealing yourself. Breach of this rule can include penalty points or removal from the league and is considered on a case-by-case bases.

Due to events in m30, we need to add that abusing an in game bug to spike end game point total does fall under unsportsmanlike conduct. In m30, Renaud abused a bug where mounting and unmounting hippo riders added to his units trained total, propelling him to top score due to him doing this trick for roughly one hour, massively increasing his end game unit score. We lowered him to 12 points instead of 14, since he would have finished 3rd without his massively increased unit score. In the future, we will not tolerate these type of bug abused, and players may be penalized if caught abusing them. This is up to admin discretion, as is all current unsportsmanlike conduct rulings.

That is all! Now for the next round of matches. We have:

Rage Critters vs Fetta Inc. vs Zig Zag ZIGGURAT! vs Church of Renaud
Bad Manneroths vs Free Agent Squad vs Suicide Squad vs Free Ena

The maps are:
:P: Purity (Download)

:LT: Lost temple -FML *the map preview doesn't show, but the fml version has 2 taverns, and the corner islands have ramps extending behind the goblin labs so there is ground access, similar to twisted meadows fml*

:DI: Dragon island (Download)

:BG: Battleground 

As always, captains have 48 hours to submit lineups.

10 Dec 2017 - M30 Result

:Germany: :ra: Joggel
:Sweden: :ra: FML|junkerzam
:Canada: :ne: FML|Renaud
:USA: :ne: Wrecktify

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09 Dec 2017 - M32 Result

:Argentina: :ne: supremo
:USA: :ne: FML|Mog
:France: :hu: Valefort
:Russia: :ra: Dinamo

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