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(4v4) Cumulo Brothers vs Ravenclaw - Saturday 13EST/19CET

Battle Royale 2 Schedule & Results: Link


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Recent News
TBR2 Concludes! - [August 30, 2017, 07:12:12 AM]

TBR2: Final Team Match - [August 26, 2017, 04:46:36 PM]

Tie-Breaker Battle - [August 22, 2017, 07:02:58 PM]

TBR 2 Week 3 Thursday Results - [August 22, 2017, 03:15:59 PM]

TBR2 Saturday Results - [August 19, 2017, 12:01:41 PM]
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31 Jul 2017 - Points udpate

After MUCH "discussion" we have decided to change past mistakes

qwest and slythe now have -10 points for pause chatting during season 25, please see the full season 25 standing for updated results

30 Jul 2017 - TBR 2 Sunday Results

#1 - Sunday - Sanctuary
 The following heroes are banned: AM / SH / KOTG / Lich / Panda

:USA: :ne: Mog [Ravenclaw]
:Germany: :hu: Lightweight [Manipinocchios]
:Germany: :orc: WeAkUD [Shave]
:Sweden: :orc: fetta_ook [TMNT]
Replay: download

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#2 - Sunday - Fountain of Manip

:Russia: :ud: Jaod [Team Cumulo Brothers]
:USA: :ud: Alien [TMNT]
:Russia: :ud: SomethingWicked [Ravenclaw]
:Russia: :ne: Dinamo- [Manipinocchios]
Replay: download

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29 Jul 2017 - TBR 2 Saturday Results

#1 - Saturday - Savage Storm
:Russia: :ne: TheGreatWall [HighTac]
:Sweden: :orc: fetta_ook [DV]
:Russia: :orc: b100death [SuperCumulo]
:Russia: :ud: Reinforceement- [Ravenclaw]
Replay: download

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Edit: will be rescheduled for 15 EST - 21 CET Sunday 8/20

28 Jul 2017 - TBR 2 Friday Results

#1 - Friday - Anarchy Castle (Silence)
:Kazakhstan: :ud: DV [TMNT]
:Germany: :ne: Trunkz [Cumulo Brothers]
:USA: :ne: Mog [Ravenclaw]
:Germany: :orc: Ena1337 [Team Shave]

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Additionally, due to Ena's unsportsmanlike abuse of the Silence card rules by spamming PAUSE and GO and direct violation by typing other words, Team Shave will be deducted 5 points.

We also want to make it clear that players chatting with people outside of the game in any form is considered cheating.

26 Jul 2017 - TBR2 Wednesday Results

#1 - Wednesday - Emerald Shores
:USA: :ud: SteppinRazor [TMNT]
:Germany: :hu: QQs [Cumulo Brothers]
:Bulgaria: :ud: ObserveAndLearn [Manipinocchios]
:Lithuania: :hu: Peanut [Team Shave]

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24 Jul 2017 - TBR Day 2 Result

#1 - Monday- Harvest of Sorrow (Random Heroes
:Russia: :ne: Airenikus [Cumulo Brothers]
:USA: :ne: Wrecktify [Ravenclaw]
:USA: :ne: Dovekie [TMNT]
:Germany: :ne: HighTac [Manipinocchios]

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23 Jul 2017 - TBR Day 1 Results!

#1 - Sunday - Twilight Ruins
:Finland: :ud: Aarnikratti [Cumulo Brothers]
:Australia: :orc: SweeT [Ravenclaw]
:Germany: :orc: Ena1337 [Team Shave]
:Russia: :ne: Dinamo [Manipinocchios]

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#2 - Sunday - Neon City
:Germany: :human: Slythe [Ravenclaw]
:Denmark: :human: zTsoso [Maybe Next Time]
:Germany: :ne: HighTac [Manipinocchios]
:Russia: :ud: Qwest [Team Shave]

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22 Jul 2017 - TBR2 Full Schedule


As we are on the brink of the first matches getting started, by now each team should have received a list of their specific matches for the event. Posted below you'll find the full schedule of games for you to plan your viewing!

Please work with your captains to decide what games you'll play in. As for cards, captains must submit privately to admins which cards you will be activating this week. We will announce which cards are being used this week prior to the first match (but we will not reveal which team used a card until after each match is finished).

Cards for this week must be submitted before Sunday 9 EST (15 CET), which is one hour before the first official match. We realize this is not a lot of time, but we wanted to get into the games as soon as possible. Next week we will give more time for cards to be chosen.

A few reminders about cards:
- Each team can only use one card per match, and each card can only be used once by a team.
- Cards stack. A no-air, no-chat, identities-revealed game is possible.
- Shackle card cannot be used on random heroes maps.
- Exploration card cannot be used on random heroes maps or on team maps.
- Exploration map choices must be from maps we've used multiple times in FML and must be approved by admins.
- If multiple teams use Exploration card, map choice goes to the first team to use the card. The other team gets the card back.
- If multiple teams use Truth, Shackle, Earth, or Silence cards, each team counts as having used the card (so they can't use it again).
- Earth card means precisely no air units. You will be penalized for controlling any flying unit at any point of the game (with the exception of zeppelins ONLY on Hurricane Isle, should that situation arise).
- Silence card means precisely no chat. You are only allowed to say pause/ready/go and gg. If you type anything else, or if you say gg and don't leave immediately you will be penalized.
- Shackle card means you will be penalized if you build any of the banned heroes.

Scheduling and smurfs:
Each team should receive a list of one smurf per match. That smurf must be used for that specific match and no other. Do not create your own smurfs or use smurfs in the wrong matches Any player from a team can create the provided smurf account and join the game (hopefully that player will be the one agreed upon by the team and captain, but in the case of a player not showing up, another teammate can join using that smurf and play the match instead). Captains report to admins immediately after each match the identity of their player. Cheating or mis-reporting will be heavily penalized.

Prior to each match, captains will be informed of the 4 (or 8) smurf accounts that are to play in the match. That is to make it easy to start the game and know if all players are there. In the event that a player still isn't there after 15 minutes of the game time, a neutral sub can be used or Computer player.

Full schedule
Week 1
1   Sunday - 7/23   10EST - 16CET   Twilight Ruins   Big 4way FFA
2   Sunday - 7/23   15EST - 21CET   Neon City   Mid 4way FFA
3   Monday - 7/24   15EST - 21CET   Harvest Of Sorrow   Random Hero
4   Wednesday - 7/26   16EST - 22CET   Emerald Shores   Small 4way FFA
5   Friday 7-28   12EST - 18CET   Anarchy Castle   Bonus Small FFA
6   Saturday - 7/29   10EST - 16CET   Savage Storm   Mid 4way FFA
7   Saturday - 7/29   15EST - 21CET   Friends   Team FFA

Week 2      
8   Sunday - 7/30   10EST - 16CET   Sanctuary   Big 4way FFA
9   Sunday - 7/30   15EST - 21CET   Fountain of Manip   Small 4way FFA
10   Tuesday - 8/1   16EST - 22CET   Silverpine Forest   Random Hero
11   Thursday - 8/3   15EST - 21CET   Legends   Small 4way FFA
12   Friday 8-4   14EST - 20CET   Bloodstone Mesa   Bonus Mid FFA
13   Saturday - 8/5   10EST - 16CET   Thunder Lake   Mid 4way FFA
14   Saturday - 8/5   15EST - 21CET   Hurricane Island   Team FFA

Week 3
15   Sunday - 8/6   10EST - 16CET   Gold Rush   Big 4way FFA
16   Sunday - 8/6   15EST - 21CET   Deathrose   Mid 4way FFA
17   Monday - 8/7   12EST - 18CET   Crucible   Random Hero
18   Tuesday 8-8   18EST - 24CET   Equalrium   Bonus Big FFA
19   Thursday - 8/10   15EST - 21CET   Cozy Sands   Small 4way FFA
20   Friday 8-11   15EST - 21CET   Boomtown   Bonus Small FFA
21   Saturday - 8/12   10EST - 16CET   Phantom Grove   Random Hero
22   Saturday - 8/12   15EST - 21CET   Dragon Island   Team FFA

Week 4   
23   Sunday - 8/13   10EST - 16CET   Deadlock   Big 4way FFA
24   Sunday - 8/13   15EST - 21CET   Poison Well   Mid 4way FFA
25   Tuesday - 8/15   15EST - 21CET   Monsoon   Random Hero
26   Wednesday - 8/16   19EST   Twisted Meadows   Small 4way FFA
27   Thursday - 8/17   16EST - 22CET   Battlegrounds   Big 4way FFA
28   Friday 8-18   14EST - 20CET   Typhoon   Bonus Mid FFA
29   Saturday - 8/19   10EST - 16CET   Mur'Gul Oasis   Team FFA
30   Saturday - 8/19   15EST - 21CET   Market Square   Team FFA

Good luck to all, and happy FFAing!

21 Jul 2017 - TBR2 Draft Results!

The Teams have officially been Drafted!! Take a peek at the teams below and let us know in the comments you you think has the strongest team!

Team Maybe Next Time:

Team High Tac
Ponty TomToast

Team Shave

Team Cumulo Brothers

Team Ravenclaw

If you are not part of your teams Discord channel, please send a PM to myself or any of the other admins to get you added. Thank you and good luck to all teams!!

Full draft order can be found here:

Replay of the Live Draft can be found here:

20 Jul 2017 - TBR2 Begins!


Welcome to the start of the second Team Battle Royale! Thank you all for patiently waiting for the application period to end. This time around we are introducing a number of changes, which I'll get to in more detail in just a moment, but for starters, this time we will have 5 captains drafting teams of 8 players each.


Please welcome your new captain overlords:
:USA: Mog
:Peru: ZsSuperCumulo
:Germany: Shave
:Kazakhstan: DV-
:Germany: HighTac

Captains will soon be invited into the captain channel on discord to work out the details of the live draft, which will hopefully take place in the next couple days. After the draft all players will be invited to their teams respective discord channel to begin scheduling matches. So stay tuned for that!

Now, back to the new format. You may remember from last time we had a set schedule of matches with fun modes mixed in with regular modes. Well, this time we are bringing the power of the fun modes directly to the teams themselves, in the form of cards.

Captain Cards (Edited)

Each captain will have the following 5 cards at their disposal:
- Exploration card - Captain gets map choice
- Earth card - No air units allowed
- Silence card - No chat allowed
- Shackles card - Captain bans 1 hero from each race + 1 tavern hero
- Truth card - All players' identities will be revealed before the match

Admins will publish the entire schedule of matches for the event prior to the first playweek. This schedule will include the time and map (which may include random hero maps) as well as if the match is 4-way or 2v2v2v2. Then, by the beginning of each playweek, captains will announce which cards they will use for that week. Captains can use at most one card per match, and after a card is used, it is lost and cannot be used again. So choose wisely!

Note that multiple team's cards can stack. For example if one team uses their Earth card while another uses their Silence card in the same match, then that match will be no air units and no chat!

A few more caveats: the Exploration card is first come priority, so if 2 captains go for map choice in the same match, only the first captain to announce his cards will get to choose, while the second captain will get his card back. Exploration and Shackle cards cannot be used on a random heroes map. For Shackle card, if two captains ban a different set of heroes in the same match, both cards will be applied and used. For Earth, Silence, and Truth cards, if multiple captains use it in same match, both team's card will be used up.

Games and Points (Edited)

There will be a total of 25 matches in the event, 20 four-way FFAs (regular and random heroes) and five 2v2v2v2s. Each game will involve only 4 teams, meaning each game one team will sit out.

A team will be awarded 10 points for each four-way won, and 20 points for each 2v2v2v2 won.

This time, at the beginning of the playweek, captains only need to send to admins which cards they will use. They do not need to assign players to matches at the start of the week. Captains will work with their team to send a player into a match. They only need to inform admins which player was chosen after each match is played. This will make it easier for teams to adjust plans as people's schedules change. Players can play as many games as their captain allows. However!...

If a player has already played 4 or more games, then a win for that player only awards 1 point. Similarly for the 2v2v2v2, for each player with over 4 games on a team, a win will award 9 less points for that team. As an additional incentive to give a chance to all members to play, at the end of the event if all of a team's members have played 3 or more games, then that team gets a bonus of 10 points.

Okay that about sums it up. Feel free to ask questions below, and good luck to everyone. Stay tuned for the draft and team roster announcement!
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