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Author Topic: M31 Result  (Read 333 times)

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M31 Result
« on: December 08, 2017, 04:32:51 AM »
:Poland: :ne: Gradient
:USA: :ra: Eshan
:USA: :ra: Seksi
:Germany: :ra: Slythe

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Re: M31 Result
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2017, 04:16:04 PM »
Special game ^^.

Some thoughts:

About my play:

Handled the early aggression by seksi poorly. Tping to natural mine with mass skellies, which got devoured...
I wanted to break 50 early, but scouted not enough to know against whom i will be. Honestly did not expect to fight fiends and destros early. Woulda been able to defend smoothly with pumping instantly once i had enough gold/lumber.

Failed to buy tp at my side expand and lost 2 heroes middle top in the process...was bad.

Did okay with coming back into the game, not giving seksi more xp and focused on macro.

Then i maybe wait too long with using my army, shoulda maybe try to take seksi or gradient out when i had 80 pop.

Lost all my heroes to seksi, when i was at gradient, rly sucked.

When i finally moved my army, which was only 56 by then i actually wanted to attack seksi, but he lured around the shop and woulda kill some and made me use tp etc, when my gold was already rly low.

I needed some xp for mk lvl 6 and getting my panda closer to 5 and 6 so it was also ok to go for eshan.

I got 1 hero and some units there which was okay, but i stayed too long and killed 2-3 buildings too much and most importantly did not backstabbed seksi, coulda snipe his dl atleast and then i lost my panda in the process when he turned on me.

Not enough i lost my mk while i was in seksis base trying to charm the wyrm, but somehow he was out of range, which was strange given the vision and distance. Was distracted too long and couldnt save mk, totally shitty sequence.

After that it basically over for me, needed harder 3 vs 1 but with only panda from eshand and gradient tping out early in fight it was over, since i had no gold anymore for tp.

I feel i suffered from the late hour and also the accu bot, which usually is quite bad for me.

Seksi play: he played the most aggressive from everyone, so it was not a undeserved win. He was way too much at me for my taste xD and he turned on ppl rly quickly. 2-3 Times i was rly close to suicide him, but he somehow dodged that bullet.

EshanŽs game: had very fast, greedy creeping and some itemluck and being able to creep all red key creeps. Tomed gradient a couple of times and missed the chance around the 25 mark, when he basically just needed to make 100 and wipe seksiŽs base/army. Most likely woulda give him the win. Was a bit too passive late game, when he sit a lot. Was a bit unlucky with seksi and me going him and killing almost all. Had a good shot for coming back, but was unlucky with seksi finding his rebuilds faster. Also coulda kill some of his army for getting some supply off to revive hero quicker.

Gradient: Had some early success vs eshan and had a good fight vs me and hung strong, almost being able to snipe the win in the end. With better usage of items/summons or focusing on seksi a bit earlier heŽd most likely snipe the win.
Rather bad herocombo though, woulda switch the naga for tinker/beastmaster/panda. Pissed me off with his transmuting, when we needed to focus on others more :).

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Re: M31 Result
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2017, 05:44:52 PM »
I was tired. I made a mistake with 3 hero . (wrong click)

I wrongly rated gold Slythe :(

Eshan very hard good all fight.

Seksi  he was the best. good win

she taught me this game great.
« Last Edit: December 08, 2017, 05:50:52 PM by Gradient »

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Re: M31 Result
« Reply #3 on: December 08, 2017, 05:54:16 PM »
TL DR for Slythes post; you got tomed by seksi and then became his puppet

Like okay if you win zero fights in a game and feed another player, atleast try to balance the scales. But no, on top of that you hit gradient and then ruin my game too, getting fourth place and giving Seksi, the guy who killed you, the win.


Pretty frustrating since i put effort into having a strong opening, did well vs gradi, was struggling to survive snakeski's killer backstabs, evil manip, and base assaults while also being harrassed by Gradi. Then i get idioitcally teamed by the guy who played the worst, despite having actually HELPED you by hitting seksi so you can retake your natural.

Shitty shitty scrub city

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Re: M31 Result
« Reply #4 on: December 08, 2017, 07:02:14 PM »
Great game by seksi