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Author Topic: More unpopular opinions  (Read 759 times)

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Offline IWANTWC4

Re: More unpopular opinions
« Reply #15 on: October 06, 2017, 12:14:13 PM »
Another unpopular opinion I have is that talons are the most underrated unit in ffa.

Most elves just use it for faerie fire addition to anti air, but really the potential of talons is high vs orc and undead especially.

Trunks even showed that you can make good use of faerie fire and cyclone vs human. He uses faerie fire on tanks, heroes etc. and focus single target with high dps combos (dh, naga, potm combo with mass range of hipporiders).  With a hipporider army composition and a few talons you can simply kite the human who relies on tanks to kill air (since gyros are bad).

You can also use 1 bear, mgs and talons / range in the back and just a few dryads to dispel heal wards and other stuff. Even switch back and forth between unit compositions to kill off your opponents who have lots of anti air that is useless vs a pure ground army etc. Or switch from pure ground to a hipporider army that eliminates mortars and anti caster units in one-shot bursts.

Cyclone is a great ability that is so rarely used because all elves use the chimera hippo combination. Ofc chippo is easy to use and good for players with not so strong micro, but I feel that the level of creativity/potential for elves isn't used to its fullest.

Another underrated thing is the scout potential of faerie fire if you don't have potm. A talon in crow form is way better at scouting than a hippo.

Credit to trunks/dovekie who show there are other ways to play elf.

I also believe that you can swap the naga with kotg and keep it standard with dh, kotg, potm with talons/mgs/dryads or hipporider combination, and still be able to deal with all races effectively.

In 1v1 elfs only make dot against orc maybe couple faire dragons.  Works really well.

There was also one FFA player back in the day who only made MGs and dots.  And went dh potm kotg.  Forget his name though, someone else here would surely remember.

So I agree underrated but not completely unheard of.

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Re: More unpopular opinions
« Reply #16 on: October 06, 2017, 02:45:50 PM »
lmao in 1on1, talons archer are even Meta in Mirror (not only vs orc)
and happy recently got rekt by foggy who played archer talons vs him!

AoWinds play is super underrated. In FFA, talons even work vs human. Trunks teaches you Chippo lowapm nomicro hoarding nerds how to innovate FFA meta

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Re: More unpopular opinions
« Reply #17 on: October 06, 2017, 11:37:07 PM »
Here are my points  :icon_wink: :

- TC/SH are more important to orc than BM is, and SH is more important than TC because its easier to find a replacement hero for TC than for SH.
- Soso already nicely described the importance of talons. Night Elf army also need couple of dryads for dispell. Its too often seen that there's some robo elf who is only using pure chippo and then he gets his panda totally disabled by sleep/hex/cyclone/slow just because zero dispell. And dryads also has slow poison which helps to focus fire.
- If I have to choose between potm and kotg, I would choose kotg only if there's an undead opponent, because entangle is must have vs ud or he can kite you down easily. Against hum, elf and orc I would choose potm because trueshot aura and owl scout are just so good.
- Necrowagon is one of best FFA army compos, I think Noe is one of the best players using this strat when he plays UD.
- Bloodmage is very good hero if its controlled properly, but controlling this hero requires serious skill that isn't seen often. What I have seen from replays, I think htrt was very good Bloodmage user.
- Destroy the damn Healing Ward! If your enemy has a healing ward healing his army during the fight, its much harder to kill his army. Many times ppl are just too focused to micro their army during fights and they forget to pay attention to the rear areas of the battleground.
- All races are greatly balanced.
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Re: More unpopular opinions
« Reply #18 on: October 07, 2017, 05:02:44 AM »
I'm one of the less experiened players here, but I wouldn't agree on the all races are balanced statement.

Although FFA is so different from solo and has way more viable strategies, I feel BM crit and tanks are the two things that feel wrong in both game modes. Crit calculation should be based on base damage only and tanks either take one more supply or give more xp.

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Re: More unpopular opinions
« Reply #19 on: October 09, 2017, 05:42:09 PM »

That MG/Talons only guy is "Quakeguy" afaik.

Some opinions:

Destroyer´s should be only 4 food and having faster cooldown on dispell or bigger area of effect!
Ud can only fight the lack of effective dispelling by going mass gargs thanks to STONEFORM.

With selecting attack button and left click units to attack them you tend to spam a lot more than using right click for selecting units.

Pitlord would been used more often if he was not looking that ugly and terrifying !

Tinker is the most imba hero.

ObserveandLearn is not Magadansky.

Base Layout is overrated.