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26 Mar 2017 - Rule Adjustments


Prior to the start of the upcoming season, we wanted to update our rulebook to reflect changes in the league. Most of the changes are updating old rules to give each penalty a specific value but there are some new rules as well. Before I get to each one individually, I will just do a really quick TL;DR. If you dont want to read each one individually, this is what you need to know:

  • Delay of match start has been reduced to 10minutes (from 15). This means that if you schedule your time for 8:00 you are expected to be present at that time. After 8:10, you are officially late and can be subbed.
  • Manipulation during a pause is officially banned for all players, regardless of who paused.
  • Use of !Check is reserved for FML admins only. Non-admin observers using this command will be ejected from the game.

Right, so, those who want to read every little change, lets go through each update individually! Changes to each rule is in bold.

As mentioned previously, below is this is the official rule change for reducing from 15minute delay to 10minute. Also note the addition of the additional time ruling.

3.20b Delay of Match

The first map must begin within 10 minutes of the agreed start time. A player who does not show up at this time will forfeit the match unless his opponents are willing to reschedule. Opponents that do not show must be reported to a league admin immediately.

If a player requests additional time past 10 minutes, the other players in the match must agree. If this is the case, no penalty points will be given. If a player fails to show for a match he will receive no points for it and will be subbed as per rule 3.20c.

3.20c Players not showing for match

If any player fails to show up at the agreed start time within 10 minutes, the game will still be played with the remaining players. You may be substituted with another player or a computer set on any difficulty setting. Replacement player guidelines can be found under rule 3.30d.

3.20d Players not showing for a match multiple times

If any player fails to show up at the agreed times within 10 minutes in 2 different instances in the same season, admins will have the right to kick the player from the current season and find a suitable replacement. The player will then be removed from the current season and be barred from the following season as well.

Okay, now the long awaited Pause Manip changes! First though, we need to update our unpausing rule. We are assigning a specific penalty value of -10 (which is the points for 4th place).

3.40c Unpausing

When unpausing, players must get verbal indication from each other player that they are ready to resume, with the exception of players that have been away for over 10 minutes as per 3.40b.

If a game is unpaused without verbal indication from every player a penalty of -10 points will be fined. This fine may be waved if the player who was not ready and an admin both agree that it did not affect the match.

And now Pause Manip. We are disallowing any forms of chat about the match in progress while the game is paused. We decided on this solution to preserve fairness for all players. In other words, we don't want any manipulation to happen behind someones back (while they are in the restroom for example). We also don't want players to pause for the specific purpose of manipulation.

The second part of this rule is essentially saying that any player can issue the warning and it does not have to be an admin. As long as a player stops manip after the warning, no penalties will be given. Once the game is resumed, please feel free to continue.

3.40d Pause Manipulation

If the game is paused there is to be no discussion about the game currently in progress from any players. This includes any forms of manipulation as well as general discussion about the match. Discussion about anything outside from the match is allowed.

Players will receive a warning for the first offense. This warning can be given by anyone. Anything past the warning will be a deduction of -10 points per game.

Revamping Observer Rules. Our observer rules previously did not follow the same format as our previous rules. We are revising that and splitting the original rule up into 2 parts (3.50a and 3.50b). Neither of these rules are new.

3.50c is the !check rule which states that only administrators may use this command during an FML match. It also details penalties for its use by non-admins.

3.50a Settings
Full Observers is set to ON for every match

3.50b Removing Observers

Only an admin may decide to remove an observer.  This may include, but is not limited to: excessive ping/lag, interfering with the organization of the game, refusing to comply with the streaming policy and spamming chat.

It is a player's right to request a specific observer be removed if they are uncomfortable with their presence. If this is the case, an admin must be notified and they will determine if he/she will be removed.  There is no guarantee that said player will be removed and it is up to the discretion of the admin in charge of the match.

3.50c Use of !Check

Only FML administrators are allowed to use the !Check command to discuss with the players of the game. Use of the command by a non-FML admin is grounds for immediate ejection from the match. Continued use of the command over multiple games may get the observer banned from observing future matches.

If the !Check command is used to give players information that may impact the game in-progress the person using the command may be given harsher penalties including removal from the league. This is considered a case-by-case scenario. 

The following changes are simply about assigning a static penalty value to each rule. We wanted to be transparent about penalties so that we are consistent with each offense that happens.

6.30b Account abuse

Players may not intentionally or unintentionally give out their account information to other players. The person who creates a player account for FML use is considered to own that account and should be the sole player using that account.

If a player is found having another player playing on his account during an event, that is grounds for immediate ejection from the league.

6.30d Private Chat

Private Chat is not allowed in FML games. Usage of Private chat can incur a -10 point penalty for both players. Multiple offenses are grounds for removal from the league.

Players are asked to save a copy of their replay for dispute purposes. If an admin asks a player for their copy, they are expected to provide it within a reasonable amount of time or else a point penalty may be deducted.

6.40 Feeding

Feeding is not allowed in the FML league. Feeding can be considered as a player with no chance of winning a game giving either Items or large amounts of Experience to any other player in the game in hopes to give that player a better chance at winning.

A minimum of -10 points will be deducted for each offense. This penalty can be larger depending on the severity.

6.50 Unsportsmanlike Conduct

In order to secure a well regulated and pleasant course of game, it is inevitable that all players act in a sportsmanlike and fair way. This may include, but is not limited to:  Spamming during a game, kicking players from the server or match, not playing for the win or faking an account without revealing yourself. Breach of this rule can include penalty points or removal from the league and is considered on a case-by-case bases.

This is the final change and it is mostly just an update to an ancient rule. The prior rule still mentioned scheduling via e-mail!

3.20a Scheduling

All players must schedule their match and have proof that the match had been agreed on. Scheduling topics on the FFA Masters League site will be created. If scheduling is done in these topics no proof is required to be saved.

If scheduling is done outside the site (Discord, Cbox, Email, Skype, etc) a screenshot of time conformation from every player is required in-case any dilemma's occur.

21 Mar 2017 - Ravenclaw Interview

An interview with Mog[Skynet] and Noexxx from Team Ravenclaw can be found below! Learn how they accomplished win and all the stories behind the scenes!


19 Mar 2017 - TBR Winner!


Congratulations to your Team Battle Royale winner: :gold: House of Ravenclaw! :gold: And of course to all its members!

:USA: Mog[skynet] (captain)
:Switzerland: noexxx
:Russia: Qwest
:USA: Eshan
:Russia: Dinamo
:Sweden: fetta_ook
:Germany: QQs
:Germany: ena1337
:Poland: Gradient
:Switzerland: Uther01

The Ravenclaw team name will be added to our Hall of Fame to commemorate their victory.

Ravenclaw showed a strong performance throughout the tournament, often trailing just behind Ponty Saint Germain, but they were able to push into first place during the last week of team games. Ponty Saint Germain also showed great performances, shocking everyone with a huge lead in points in the first two weeks. Mozarts of FFA were able to get only a few wins during the 4-way games, but came back fiercely with many impressive wins in the team games, ending with 10 points--as many points as Ponty Saint Germain. Not to forget Team Blatant Manip Flava (Team Maybe Next Time), they came close to winning in many games but fortune was not on their side as they ended the event with clean-slate of 0 wins, an achievement in its own right.

This marks the conclusion of our first Team Battle Royale event. In retrospect, it hardly seems like this event was a mere 4 weeks since we were able to pack so many games into such a short time period. Based on the feedback so far, it seems to have been a success overall, so hopefully there will be more TBR to come in the future, as we revisit the concept and make tweaks to the format. It was FML's first ever team-based event and I think there were definitely some lessons learned and things we would change for next time. More than anything, it was great to see our community compete and interact in an entirely new way with emphasis on collaboration and fighting for your team rather than just for yourself.

So thank you all for participating and making this event a fun one! Stay tuned for new information as we begin to gear up for the next iteration of FML, the milestone 25th season and Silver Anniversary!
2v2v2v2 on Goldrush


:Switzerland: Noexxx (dragonite)
:Russia: Qwest (pidgey)

:USA: Worpex (scyther)
:Russia: Nick (scizor)

:Finland: kormuasd (tauros)
:Sweden: Junkerzam (dugtrio)

:Denmark: zTsoso
:Russia: b100death

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2v2v2v2 on Market Square

Replay: pending

:Switzerland: Noexxx (charizard)
:USA: Eshan (mewtwo)

:Kazakhstan: DV
:Russia: TheGreatwall

:Germany: Shave (mewtwo)
:Sweden: Junkerzam (weezing)

:Hungaria: Tyrant (snorlax)
:Germany: weakud (Relaxo_88)

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12 Mar 2017 - TBR Sunday Week 4 Result

2v2v2v2 on Twilight


:Germany: WeAkUD
:Australia: SweeT

:Canada: htrt

:USA: Mog[skynet]
:Russia: Dinamo

:Canada: Renaud
:Russia: SomethingWicked

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2v2v2v2 on Friends


:Russia: Nick (Tentacool_12)
:Russia: sheik (iron_88)

:Germany: letshavesomefun (Alakazam_65)
:Russia: AJIKAIII (chansey_20)

:Russia: Qwest (omastar_77)
:USA: Eshan (Articuno_144)

:Denmark: zTsoso (Raichu_334)
:Hungaria: Tyrant66 (sandslash_67)

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Random heroes on Twilight

Replay: ???

:Russia: Teliaxu (radon_14)
:Russia: TGW (copper_44)
:Finland: Aarnikratti (magnesium_22)
:USA: Eshan (selenium_84)

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Non-anonymous on Purity


:France: PonTy
:Russia: SomethingWicked
:Hungaria: Tyrant66
:USA: Mog[skynet]

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Friday Regular on Boomtown

:France: Aarnikratti
:Germany: QQs
:USA: AlienWareOwnz
:Germany: Shave

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12 Mar 2017 - Daylight Saving Time


DST will be happening in a few hours for Canada/USA (and other parts?) but not in Europe. We forgot to take that in consideration when setting the game time for this week.

This means 10 EST will not work anymore, since we will be using EDT, and it will be 11 EDT... Since having the game earlier would possibly screw a lot of players, I suggest we stick to the CET time. Therefore the game will be played 11 EDT / 16 CET instead of 10 EST / 16 CET

Also if ever we don't receive the list of anonymous names by tomorrow, captains can assign them to their team by using a name of a pokemon and a random number (for those who need help, here's a list).
No chat - Silverpine Forest


:Canada: Renaud (potassium_32) - Blatant Manip Flava
:Russia: Qwest (lead_19) - House of Ravenclaw
:Finland: Rain (radium_86) - Mozarts of FFA
:Sweden: Junkerzam (gold_05) - Ponty Saint Germain

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08 Mar 2017 - TBR: Team Matches


While the final week of individual matches is well underway, we want to announce the details and schedule for the final week of Team Battle Royle: the team matches!

  • There will be 4 scheduled team matches.
  • A player can play a maximum of 2 team matches.
  • Each match will be a 2v2v2v2 by default, HOWEVER...
  • If 3 players from each team are present and willing, it will become a 3v3v3v3!
  • There will be a maximum of one 3v3v3v3 match.
  • 2 points awarded to the winner of each 2v2v2v2
  • 3 points awarded to the winner of 3v3v3v3

Sunday March 12th
10 EST / 16 CET: Twilight Ruins
15 EST / 21 CET: Friends

Saturday March 18th
10 EST / 16 CET: Spider Falls
15 EST / 21 CET:Market Square (fixed spawns)

If any match is upgraded to a 3v3v3v3, it will be played on Divide and Conquer (with taverns)

Good luck!
Regular - Meson de la Taberna


:Canada: Renaud (aluminium_10) - Blatant Manip Flava
:USA: Eshan (sulfur_66) - House of Ravenclaw
:Australia: SweeT (lithium_03) - Mozarts of FFA
:Finland: Kormuasd (bromine_38) - Ponty Saint Germain

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