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Strategy / NE vs Orc 1v1
« on: March 11, 2018, 05:38:25 AM »
I've been playing FFA actively for the last year on the bot, and I watch FML games on youtube. I learned how to fight UD, HU, I also think I understand the NE mirror. But I am totaly at a loss when it comes down to fighting orcs 1v1. My main issues are: bats, stomp, bladestorm. Let me explain.
1. bats. This one is obvious. They explode my chims. People say that this is expensive for orcs, but I had 1 game where we had a split map and 20k in the bank each (Sanctuary). So I thought I will roll over him with chims and suffocate him. But after a while he was 2-3k ahead of me, after some more while 5k ahead, etc. He would use 2-3 bats per chim, and I tried to position them, staff them back and use tranquility as they were exploding. Now, I know that guy and he's leagues better than me, but it seemed so hopeless anyway.
I thought about keeping wands of illusion to clone my chims later in the game and let him waste a lot of bats in vain, but one can't rely on obtaining lots of wands everytime on every map. I aso thought about harassing remote expoes with 1-2 chims, like HUs do, sending 1-2 tanks, would that be effective? Lastly, I probably shouldn't just a-click my chims, but rather kite and bait their bats to Haze/BoF them + some other AOE? (I play a lot of different combos)

2. Bladestorm and 3. Stomp. These two spells seem to counter ground so hard. I figured, that when orcs go headhunters with casters, I'm doing well with roared Giants+archers+talons and AOE heroes (Panda, Tinker, Naga, maybe Warden). But if the BM is lvl 6+, this strategy seems feeble because bladestorm counters archers so hard. When they bladestorm, I transform my talons into crows, but my archers are gone. I can delay b.storm/stomp by using cyclone (I use this spell a lot), but it's not forever.
For the same reason I don't feel I can go bears vs orc ground, as they will get stomped (literally) and b.stormed.
Will real mass chims work vs headhunters with casters?

Lastly, to speak about hero choice. I usually play tinker first, but if my main rival in the game is orc, I feel that dh/dr are very important, sometimes I pick them both. May be, demon/dr/kotg, idk? I also experiment with using beast and pitlord sometimes (summons/howl). I feel that talons are really good vs orc with their manual faerie fire and cyclone.

I also noticed that I can rush orcs with 2 hero archer talon army early on (t2-t3), even without cyclone. Sometimes I managed to take down players, that are clearly better than me and would leave me no chance late game.

But late gate vs an equal orc I lose most of the time. Someone said in another thread, that NE= or even >Orc. How so? Help me, please.

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