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News / FML goes Battle.net
« on: April 15, 2018, 05:59:43 PM »
Dear FML members,

Some chaotic days lie behind us and we know that it has been quite a challenge to get FML matches going, since 1.29 was released and players were required to patch back. After some initial hesitancy, we communicated on Friday that the FML standard realm will remain w3arena until further notice. At that point, it wasn’t clear if the further notice would come within a day or two weeks. However, the events since Friday and discussions amongst the admins have led to the conclusion that an immediate transition is inevitable. We rather take the risk of potential bugs and some uncertainties now, than to continue with a situation where the majority of players have to patch around before their matches and “multi-realm confusion”. Most other tournaments and leagues moved to 1.29 already.

All FML matches will be played on Battle.net as of now and the FML community meets in “clan FFAM” on Northrend (we will try to recover clan FML or FFA). This is also meeting point before matches, so we don’t have to occupy the game lobby for too long.

Active bots are noot (London) and accu (Miami). Whoever had access to these niels bots on w3arena, please request access again by writing to niels via Discord.
The player colors black, white, brown (on brown maps) and dark green (on grass maps) are prohibited. Furthermore, there should be no two players with very similar two colors in game (majorly affects the different tones of purple, ocher, salmon and light blue).

We know the change may cause some inconvenience for a few players, but hope everyone is as hyped as we are to experience FFA on 1.29. If you have issues to set up Battle.net again, please check some of the FAQs (e.g. on www.reddit.com/r/WC3/) or contact Ugri via Discord. In many cases, launcher issues can be solved by running it in “admin mode” at all time and removing all other Warcraft 3 instances before it. The mouse curser slowness can be solved by deactivating “vertical sync” in graphics driver settings and running the launcher with the command “-nativefullscreen”.

Apologies for the confusion and us all a great time on Battle.net. The nostalgia is alive!

Your FML admin team

News / Season 27 on w3arena
« on: April 13, 2018, 07:03:45 AM »
As announced before the season, it will be played on w3arena. In order to avoid chaos, this doesn't change now, just because 1.29 was released all of a sudden. We want to avoid chaos and drama and will announce as soon as FML officially moves over to Battle.net 1.29.

Every player should make sure (as early as possible and not 10 min before the match) that he can join his match via w3a. If one or multiple player(s) fail to show for a match via w3a (within 10 min of scheduled time), it counts as no-show.

If all four players of a match agree to play on 1.29 (and officially confirm this in their scheduling thread), they can play on Battle.net at their own risk. But if any player does not explicitly agreed before, he can show for the match on w3a and collect defwin / rescheduling rights.

Whoever has issues with changing back to w3arena, please take a look at vyvanne's post here or his pinned message in Discord.

Please help us to not make this a rushed and devastating transition. Our awesome but tiny community currently plays on four different realms, two different FFA ladder bots and three Warcraft 3 versions. In order to keep everything in order, we have to do the transition right, since there might be no way back.

Ladder Seasons / FFA Ladder | Map pool suggestions
« on: April 07, 2018, 04:02:31 AM »
First of all, thanks a lot for putting in the effort into the new ladder bot. It's awesome. I thought it might be useful to have a thread for map discussions.

I like the current map pool. Only change I would like to see, is swapping in Twilight and Sanctuary non-LV versions (wicked said he'd need some further input on that by others) and in the random hero section Market and Twilight.

Ashen Wood
Deadlock LV
Emerald Shores
Fountain of Manip
Gold Rush
Harvest of Sorrow
Market Square
Neon City
Phantom Grove LV
Sanctuary LV
Twilight Ruins LV
Twisted Meadows

Gnoll Wood
Pinball Crux
Storm Mount
Thunder Lake
TR Crazy

News / Map Contest | 24 is the new 12 | Results
« on: February 26, 2018, 04:09:32 AM »

Patch 1.29, although it's only available on the Public Test Realm currently, increases the maximum player count to 24. In the past few days, many players experienced these gigantic and totally chaotic matches on the PTR, but there is a lack of playable maps obviously. I would like to use this opportunity, to hop on the hype bus and motivate all the map makers to create a fancy map for 16 to 24 players by March 20. Submitted maps may get the chance to become part of FML events and the future FFA bot on Battle.net.


Please send your map file (and potentially additional random hero version) to hightacelf@gmail.com (no zip or rar)


  • In general, I will grant up to 100 points for each map
  • 90 for playability, creativity, balance and design
  • 5 for fixed spawns in case someone wants to use it for team matches
  • 5 for an additional random hero version
  • Points will be deducted for bugs

Some tips for big FFA maps

  • There should be at least two mines per player
  • Main mines should have at least 18k gold in them
  • Each main needs a sufficient amount of lumber
  • Shops, taverns and goblin labs should be available and accessible for all players
  • Markets (depending on item set), fountains and particularly dragon roosts can become overpowered very quickly in FFA. They are no must have
  • Although it's difficult to manage on huge maps, it's helpful if there is a certain distance between main bases
  • A minimap that's still somewhat readable makes life easier
  • Creeps and item drops should be aligned with normal melee standards (e.g. no infernal as creep or speed scroll item drop)
  • If played with fewer players, empty player spawns should have creeps.
  • In case anyone attempts to create a map with islands, it's important to have "flat water landing areas" to allow zeppelin drops out of tower reach
  • Staff of Silence and Amulet of Spell Shield are overpowered in FFA

I'm looking forward to your maps. Let me know if you have questions.

Rules of this contest may be subject to change and I reserve the right to decline submissions without giving reasons.


A big thank you to all participants and congratulations to Arrr. We received nine maps and analyzed them carefully, before scoring them individually and then averaging our results. All maps were unique and we were amazed by the creativity displayed. They all come with flaws, which is understandable, regarding the short period of time they had to be created in. However, this made it even more difficult for us to evaluate their true balance and potential. Furthermore, we didn't manage to get as many test matches filled on the PTR, as planned. Though, Emersion is a deserved winner for sure.

As soon as 1.29 gets officially released on Battle.net, we would try to get regular matches hosted for 24 players with maps from the contest and hope they'll fill as quickly as they did in the early PTR days. If any contestant does not want his map to be used at all, please let us know.

News / Warcraft 3 Patch 1.29
« on: February 21, 2018, 06:28:05 PM »

I thought it's useful to have a disucssion thread for this. Also, I tried to weight the impact for FFA (green = mediocre impact, blue = huge impact)


Native Widescreen
Non-stretched UI
24 Player Support
Game screens revised
Team Colors revised
(Color palette is an ongoing effort)
Display mana bar


Mountain King

Base Speed: Base speed increase 270 to 290
Stormbolt: Reduce damage
Level 2: Reduce damage from 225 to 210
Level 3: Reduce damage from 350 to 325

ThunderClap: Increase Damage
Level 1: Increase damage from 60 to 65; Range 25 to 30
Level 2: Increase damage from 100 to 125; Range 30 to 35
Level 3: Increase damage from 140 to 175; Range 35 to 40


Base Speed: Base speed increase 270 to 290
Attack Speed: Change default from 2.2 to 2.0

Divine Shield: Decrease duration
Level 2: Decrease duration from 30 to 25
Level 3: Decrease duration from 45 to 35



Critical Strike: Removed +damage item interaction from multiplier calculation
Current: (Base Damage + Itembonus) * Crit Multiplier = Damage
Change: (Base Damage * Crit Multiplier) + Itembonus = Damage

Mirror Image: Mana Cost (all levels) 125 to 115

Far Seer

Feral Spirit: Lowered XP rewarded
Increase Level 1 & Level 2 HP (200 to 250; 300 to 350)
Lvl 2: Stats Level 4 to Stats Level 3
Lvl 3: Stats Level 5 to Stats Level 4
Chain Lightning: Reduced damage reduction from .15 to .10
Far Sight: Remove mana cost increase cooldowns.
Level 1: No mana cost; Cooldown 60 seconds
Level 2: No mana cost; Cooldown 45 seconds
Level 3: No mana cost; Cooldown 30 seconds

Tauren Chieftain

Base Speed: Base speed increase 270 to 290
War Stomp: Increased damage
Level 1: Increase damage from 25 to 30
Level 2: Increase damage from 50 to 60
Level 3: Increase damage from 75 to 90

Reduce duration for reincarnation to occur - 7 seconds to 5 seconds


Dread Lord

Base Speed: Base speed increase 270 to 290
Carrion Swarm:
Mana Cost (all levels) 110 to 100
Can now target mechanical units.

Cool down (all levels): 6 sec to 4 sec
Duration Lvl 1: 20(5) to 15(4)
Duration Lvl 2: 40(10) to 35(8)
Duration Lvl 3: 60(15) to 55(12)
Mana Reduction:
Level 1: 100 to 80
Level 2: 75 to 65
(Level 3 stays at 50)

Vampiric Aura: Increased bonus for DL
Level 1: DL 15% to 20%
Level 2: DL 30% to 35%
Level 3: DL 45% to 50%

Crypt Lord

Base Speed: Base speed increase 270 to 290
Carrion Beetles:
Increase movement speed from 270 to 290
Level 1: Increase HP from 140 to 170
Level 2: Increase HP from 275 to 330
Level 3: Increase HP from 410 to 490
Impale: Increase damage
Level 1: Increase damage from 50 to 75
Level 2: Increase damage from 80 to 120
Level 3: Increase damage from 110 to 165


Base Speed: Base speed increase 270 to 290


Priestess of the Moon

Attack Speed: change default from 2.46 to 2.33

Keeper of the Grove

Hero Starting Attributes: (Buff) Intelligence 18 to 19
Add a 3-sec invulnerability to the start of the cast
30-sec to 15-sec duration
20 to 40 heal/per sec

Entangling Roots: Reduce Unit root; Increase Hero Root; Increase DA
Unit Root Lvl 2: 24-sec to 18-sec
Unit Root Lvl 3: 36-sec to 30-sec
Hero Root Lvl 2: 3-sec to 5-sec
Hero Root Lvl 3: 5-sec to 7-sec
DPS Lvl 2: 15 Dps to 20 Dps
DPS Lvl 3: 25 Dps to 30 Dps

Force of Nature:
Treants: 14 Dmg to 16 Dmg


Blink: Reduce and increase cooldown for level 2 and 3
Level 2: Reduce cooldown from 10 sec to 7 sec
Level 3: Reduce cooldown from 1 sec to 4 sec


Naga Sea Witch

Base Speed: Base speed increase 270 to 290

Pandaren Brewmaster

Base Speed: Base speed increase 270 to 290

Goblin Tinker

Base Speed: Base speed increase 270 to 290
Cluster Rockets: Increase damage, Allow targeting air units
Level 1: Increase base damage per rocket from 8.75 to 11.25
Level 2: Increase base damage per rocket from 16.25 to 18.75
Level 3: Increase base damage per rocket from 25 to 27.5 to 10

Goblin Alchemist

Base Speed: Base speed increase 270 to 290
Healing Spray: No longer heals enemy units
Acid Bomb: Increase damage
Level 1: Increase Dps from 5 to 8
Level 2: Increase Dps from 10 to 13
Level 3: Increase Dps from 15 to 18


Incinerate: Increase stats
Level 1: Increase Bonus damage multiplier from 1 to 2
Death Damage Full Area from 90 to 120
Death Damage Half Area from 180 to 240
Duration from 2 to 4
Level 2: Increase Bonus damage multiplier from 2 to 3
Death Damage Full Area from 90 to 120
Death Damage Half, Area from 180 to 240
Duration from 2 to 4
Level 3:
Increase Bonus damage multiplier from 3 to 4
Death Damage Full Area from 100 to 120
Death Damage Half Area from 180 to 240
Duration from 2 to 4
Soul Burn: Increase stats
Level 1: Duration increased from 14(6) to 16(7)
Increase Dmg from 100 to 125
Level 2: Duration increased from 16(7) to 18(8)
Increase Dmg from 225 to 270
Level 3: Duration increased from 18(8) to 20(9)
Increase Dmg from 375 to 450

Dark Ranger

Life Drain: Increase damage done per second and lower mana cost
Reduce Mana cost from 75 to 50 (all levels)
Level 1: Increase damage per sec from 25 to 30
Level 2: Increase damage per sec from 40 to 45
Level 3: Increase damage per sec from 55 to 60

News / FML Season 27 | Sign up!
« on: February 18, 2018, 06:39:50 PM »
Congratulations to QQs for winning his first FML title and being immortalized in history books. After weeks of celebration and laziness, resting is over now and we are calling all FFA players (the ones with and without honor) back to arms.

After two major team events in a row, FML Season 27 will be a clash of individuals again. No team bonus, no carry and no super teams.

The point structure (20-12-12-10 and +2 for top score) will remain the same as in previous seasons and every player will be ranked on a ladder, depending on his individual score.


The special feature of Season 27 lies in its matchmaking, which will happen within pools. There will be three pools (pool 1 = players on ranks 1-12 | pool 2 = players on ranks 13-24 | pool 3 = players on ranks 25+).
For round 1 (where we don’t have a ranking yet), matches will be drawn randomly in a lottery (streamed live). After round 1, we will have a scoreboard and therefore rankings that define who is in which pool for the upcoming round (each round consists of two matches, played within a three week period) and so on.
The rank pairings will be as follows.

In case two players have identical points, the usual FML tie breaker rules apply.
After round 3, the top three ranked players will be qualified for the final and the players on rank four to seven will play a semi-final to decide who the fourth finalist is going to be.

Scheduling and Maps

Each player has to help scheduling his match, by posting his availability in the forum within 48 hours after the respective scheduling thread was created. If he does not, he loses scheduling rights. The 48 hours do not only apply for initial posts, but also for all subsequent scheduling thread discussions (e.g. if three players agree on a time and the fourth player fails to respond within 48 hours, he also loses his scheduling rights). Whatever was discussed in other communication channels (e.g. Discord) needs to be logged in the thread as well, in order to be valid from an official standpoint.
Admins will provide three potential maps for each match (in the scheduling thread). Each player can vote for one of these maps and whatever map gets most votes will be played.

If there is a tie, where two maps get two votes, whatever map had two votes first will be played. If all four players have posted their votes within the first 24 hours after the scheduling thread was created, admins will flip a coin to decide which of the two maps gets played.

If you want to participate in FML Season 27, please post your name, nationality and Warcraft 3 race into this thread, by Feb 28 (20 CET)

Player List (44/44)

:Canada: :ne: Renaud
:Finland: :ra: Aarnikratti
:USA: :ne: Mog[skynet]
:France: :hu: Valefort
:Russia: :ra: Jaod
:Germany: :ne: HighTac
:USA: :ne: VelociRPTR.3EF
:Albania: :orc: ena1337
:Russia: :orc: mrSweets
:Bulgaria: :ud: ObserveAndLearn
:France: :ra: SyDe
:Germany: :ra: Joggel
:Russia: :ne: :orc: Dinamo
:Russia: :orc: :ud: Airenikus
:Germany: :ne: Trunks
:Poland: :ne: Gradient
:United_Kingdom: :ra: New_Nebu
:Russia: :orc: Ostone
:Bulgaria: :orc: rbr.Godfather
:USA: :ud: :orc: Vyvanne
:Germany: :ra: FAiL.Life
:Bulgaria: :hu: rbr.Shorty
:Germany: :ra: ToX
:Sweden: :orc: Fetta_ook
:Russia: :ud: qwest
:Switzerland: :hu: Noexxx
:Argentina: :ne: supremo
:Germany: :orc: :hu: TheTrumanShow
:Russia: :ud: Reinforcment-
:USA: :ra: Alien
:USA: :ra: Seksi
:Sweden: :ra: Junkerzam
:Denmark: :ud: Tleilaxu
:Peru: :hu: SuperCumulo
:Hungaria: :ra: Tyrant
:Peru: :ud: Ls.Psike
:Peru: :ne: Headintheclouds
:Peru: :ud: Bomber.-
:Denmark: :hu: zTsoso
:Peru: :orc: Kiosuke
:USA: :orc: xA-iZamatish4
:Russia: :ra: lLoveSex
:Germany: :hu: LssL

Wait List

:Sweden: :ne: :hu: Starshaped
:World: :ra: 2008top1
:USA: :ud: Audigy

Info: Please all join the FML Discord Channel https://discord.gg/0n3fw4eHlQx6H645

Update: The lottery for round 1 of Season 27 will be streamed live on Wednesday at 28 Feb 16 EST / 22 CET.

News / S26 Highlight Video
« on: February 12, 2018, 04:16:22 AM »
FML | Season 26 | Highlight Video

News / Santa Hero Surprise Cup
« on: December 16, 2017, 07:47:31 AM »

The Santa Hero Surprise Cup will take place on Dec 23 (from 6 am CET to 11 pm CET).

The cup will be played in the reindeer slayer mode. All details about structure and scoring can be found in the following spreadsheet (currently filled with sample values).


To sign up for the cup, simply type "I bet on hero XYZ @HighTac" in the Discord Santa Cup Channel or this thread before Dec 23. You can sign up, even if you are not entirely sure yet whether you can play or not.

Have fun and let me know if you have questions!


Update: Final tonight at 5 pm EST / 11 pm CET on twitch.tv/HighTac

Other Events / Santa Surprise Cup 23 Dec
« on: December 12, 2017, 07:05:55 AM »

Hi everyone,

I plan a little random hero FFA cup that would take place on December 23. It would begin 10 am CET (4 am EST) and would conclude with the final at 00:00 CET (6 pm EST). The cup will be structured in a way, that you don't need to stick around all the time. I would say if you can make yourself available for at least 4h that day and the final, you are good to go.

More detailed information are going to follow. For now, I would need to know who wants to participate and, if you can already tell, when you are available that day.

Ho Ho Ho Hightac

Update: Since too many people here seem to have a real life still, it might be better to go with December 23.

News / FML Showmatch
« on: November 17, 2017, 03:04:43 AM »

8-way FFA on Gold Rush Special
Time: 26 Nov at 20:00 CET / 22:00 MSK

Players: Foggy Chaemiko, Alien, Blade, Trunks, LawLiet, Gradient, TGW, Tyrant

Thank you everyone who helped to make the show match happen. We had around 140 viewers via FFAMasters and more than 200 via goodgame.ru. Won't be the last show match and I promise to get Foggy in for the next one.




View Larger Image

General Discussion / intimate details
« on: October 17, 2017, 05:58:43 AM »
I'm a curious person and would like to know why your main race became your main race in the first place. What do you like most about it and (independently of the race), what's your favorite hero in the game. Storytime!!!!

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