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General Discussion / 3 questions to Qwest
« on: June 06, 2017, 08:19:40 AM »
Sup guys - i wanna told you all some about rly good UD player - but i must said all of us - too bad NEWS !

I HOPE ALL ANALISES THAT REPLAY ON THAT MINUTES WHAT I CALLED - AND I HOPE EVERYONE GET HERE HIS THOUGHT ABOUT THAT ! I try decide that game  many days ago - just after that game and only with admins - but now i think he deserved for all know about that cuz - that guy all time try insulting me in preteam or noobgame or etc...

All remember our interesting game of round #1 Slythe Ujustgotshaved Qwest Jaod

1) All must found 46min 20sec at that games...

before that time ( 46min 20 sec ) i was at 50 pops as qwest - but i have too bad posi between me and qwest - he have 7 6 6 lvl and i have smth near 5 5 4 - we both hoard.

So i at 43-45 min 30sec of game scouted all his places with my shadow and i see - he just hoard and i can finish him and UP my LVLs and change my bad posi in game... So i get decision going to qwest and try finished him totally at my 80 pops army with 2-3 wyrms in it.......

I fast going to 80 pops and fast going to him...

But when i going to way on his main 46mis 20sec ( in sec when obs with name sk2flash called in chat " qwest should make ziggurat upgrades - NOW "  - he just upgraded his 5 towers WITHOUT ANY REASON !!!! CUZ HE EVEN NOT HAVE SHADOW ! HIS FIRST SHADOW WAS BORN AT 65 MIN OF GAME AND ESPECCIALY FOR BM OF SHAVE ! Can someone told me how that UD play all his games without shadows???))) xD

MUST said else - if he not click for upgrade into 5 this towers - he loose me all his army in heroes in 40 sec.

2) As all remember in that game shave lost to slythe too early and his main was totally destroed by slythe and qwest know about shave bad posi( cuz SHAVE TOLD TO ALL 1 BILLION TIME ABOUT HE DEAD ALREADY AND ETC ) and about shave was near totally dead in game but ! at 62min 57 sec - he just called in chat gold of shave - and was absolutely right ! BUT AGGAIN - HOW - IF HE NOT HAVE FUCKING SHADOW !?

3) Very interesting moment - guy reinforcement- was streaming that game  WITHOUT ANY DELAY ( BUT HE NEVER STREAMED FML BEFORE AND I RLY NOT SEE HIS ANY STREAMS BEFORE )!!!! i pretty sure he do that for qwest - cuz as all know that 2 guys from one team in last 4k.grybby TBR leagye !

Must said - thoughts of Gradient, fetta_ook and his BF junkerzam, tleilaxu not must have any power cuz they MAD on me....


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