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General Discussion / Maps update for Season 27
« on: March 04, 2018, 09:41:27 PM »
Iīve made small changes to Neon City and Meson de la Taberna. Given that Hurricane Island was removed in round 1, perhaps Neon City could take its place since itīs a larger version of Silverpine Forest.
In any case Iīll explain the few changes Iīve made and provide a link to download all maps.

Neon City 2.0:
- Before, you could not walk into the corners of the map, behind the Marketplaces, so elfs or any other race could build there, and without catapults or a zepellin, there was no way to just walk through there. Now you can.

- Some green camps were reworked so that heroes can go behind them to kill units, in case workers are hidding there. You may have to destroy rocks or cages to get there if needed. There are eight of these green camps with assasins or murgul frogs, but you can access the part behind

Map Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/03nnrl0ctbqi989/%286%29NeonCity.w3x

Meson de la Taberna 2.0:

- The first change is another item drop. Before, this red camp used to drop level 5 consummable item, like infernal stone or scroll of resurrection. Now it will drop level 5 permanent item like Unholy Aura, Endurance Aura, Medallion of Courage, etc.

- Iīve removed the orange camps from the center of the map, so now the map has less creeps.

- The expansion behind your main base has now been made easier. Iīve moed the creeps from the center of the map to this location; however, they remain as strong as before and drop the exact same items, so becareful creeping it.

- Lastly, I added some decoration in the unbuildable areas of the map, the part where u need a zepellin to travel (nothing that will affect the game, but I just couldnīt stand seeing empty space).

Map Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6bf2x02btlxsof5/%284%29Meson_de_la_Taberna.w3x

La Rosa Náutica:
Although this map didnīt take part of any contest to be admitted in the 80+ Club, I think this map has a lot of potential. Thanks to the help of the community, during decemember I was able to fix all possible bugs with this map, that is floating statues, pathing, and creeps balance.
Anyway, here are the two latest and most important changes.

- The expansions at the center of the map were pushed a little bit behind so that there is enough room for peon, wisp, etc to walk to the tavern diagonally without being killed by the creeps guarding the expansion.

- I added some blockers behind the Goblin Market place so that peons,wisps,etc donīt cut their way through there and die by the Hydras.

Map Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/on8kemjnoi29366/LaRosaN%C3%83%C2%A1utica.w3x

Equalrium 2.1:
I havenīt touched this map since the last update for the last round of S26, here is the link to download in case you still donīt have it.

Map Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/saz9ub7u6duu6rm/%288%29Equalrium.w3x

General Discussion / FML History video
« on: November 13, 2017, 09:48:00 AM »
Hello everyone.

Given the recent interested in old school players sparkled by Seksi, I would like to make a short video, possibly of 2 or max 3 minutes, where it shows some of the best moments in the history of FML. The scenes will not necessarily have to be from any grand finals, but mainly from any game during a season. For example one scene that I think should go is from that game in Deadlock where 1 spell breaker finished off the game and 2 destros couldnt stop it lol.
For this I will need the help of admins or anyone who remembers such great moments from the previous 25 seasons. If you could link replay and the time of the event that would help.

Looking forward to your suggestions.

General Discussion / FFA map submission
« on: February 06, 2017, 05:25:39 PM »
With just about one week for the Build a World Contest to finish, we've seen some of the most beautiful artwork submitted here at FML. Most of them of course coming from the Hive, and others from independent workers  :icon_biggrin:. My main goal for this event was to come up with three distinct and unique maps that would encompass all of the FFA type of maps, such as 8 way, 6 way and 4 way. I'm here to present you my three creations that I hope will make FFA great again  :icon_razz:.


This is an 8 player map greatly inspired by two of the most played FFA maps in FML, Market Square and Twilight ruins.

Latest fixes:
- The green camps at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 clock now have lvl 1 permanent items rather than lvl 2.
- The Skeleton warriors and Skeleton champions around the center now drop the same items found in Twilight ruins, that is lvl 4 charged item and lvl 2 power up.
- The coral water elementals at 3, 6, 9, and 12 clock now drop lvl 4 permanent items instead of lvl 4 charged.
- The ground has been greatly improved with the raise and smooth tools.
- Additional doodads have been added, as well as removed from certain spots.
- One thing to keep in mind, although the map shows a large number of gold mines, the amount of gold in each one is as follows: 12.5k for the starting spawns, the natural expansions and four of the centered expansions only have 8k, while the rest have 10k in them. Adding all of these gold mines it comes to around the same amount of gold from Market Square and Twilight ruins

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ul4948o2v68n7r3/%288%29Equalrium.w3x

Neon City

This is a 6 player map that was also inspired by one of the oldest FFA maps I can remember, Silverpine, maybe that's because whenever I hear 6 way I immediately think of Silverpine.

Latest fixes:
- The ground on the islands had been reworked so that no one can build a main base up there, you can however drop or hide units and walk by the luxurious upper city  :icon_cool:.
- The natural expansions have similar creeps to those found in Market Square and Northshire, which means you need to creep it just like you do it on those two maps, otherwise you may lose some units.
- The ground has been greatly improved with the raise and smooth tools.
- Additional doodads have been added, as well as removed from certain spots.
- Another thing to keep in mind, unlike Silverpine, this map has 4 extra gold mines, for this reason the amount of gold at your starting spawns and natural expansions has less than those found in Silverpine. Nevertheless the total amount of gold is nearly the same as it is in Silverpine.

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cnprrjg9g66gru7/%286%29Neon+City.w3x

Meson de la Taberna

Unlike my previous two maps, this one was not inspired by any other FFA maps, instead I focused on the game Street Fighter II, hence the name of this map. Furthermore, I think this map incorporates  everything I've learned about creating a map from the past month and a half so I would consider this the best I've done so far.

Latest Fixes:
- The fences from the center of the map around the tavern have been removed so that night elf players who send their wisp early on can gather wood while waiting for their hero to be available, or just for scouting purposes.
- Additional doodads have been added, as well as removed from certain spots.
- One last thing to keep in mind, the creeps at the center of the map are independent. In other words you can creep the two green camps that surround the orange camp without causing them, the creeps from the orange camp, to attack you, unless of course you deliberately drag them to you.
- The islands have unbuildable ground so there is no way for anyone to build a main base up there.

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/klj8x5ytbes8wx9/%284%29Meson+de+la+Taberna.w3x

P.D., Thanks to the admin staff for creating such an event and everyone else who helped me in the process of the creation of these maps. I think the last time I opened World Editor was in 2005 and I had no clue you could create such wonders.

General Discussion / Presenting, the 8 player map: Equalrium
« on: December 29, 2016, 05:18:47 PM »
After a little bit over one week I have finished my master piece. I hope this map brings some great games to our community, specially next season  :icon_mrgreen:.

Link to download:


Mini map:

Equalrium map:

General Discussion / DOTA
« on: December 24, 2016, 06:50:47 AM »
Hey guys, does anyone here still play DOTA 1 ?
There is a server "rankedgaming.com" where you can play dota 1 with decent players in it, would be cool if we could play together.

News / FML Hall of Fame Ranking Series 5 through 1
« on: November 13, 2016, 07:23:25 PM »
With the help of Worpex, Mog[Skynet] and Zs.SuperCumulo, we present:

News / FML Hall of Fame Ranking Series
« on: November 01, 2016, 09:47:59 PM »
With the help of Worpex, Wrecktify and SuperCumulo, we present:

General Discussion / Admin of Bots
« on: October 29, 2016, 04:27:14 PM »
Could u please add Uther Party to the bot? Ultimate X would be fun.


News / FML Hall of Fame Ranking Series
« on: October 21, 2016, 05:07:53 AM »
With the help of Worpex, Mog and SuperCumulo, we present:

General Discussion / FML S23 Video
« on: October 02, 2016, 08:20:37 PM »
Hi guys, as you may or may not know I'm making a video for FML about the best plays during the season. So far I have editted games from Wrecktify, Mog, Renaud, j33, all of this from round 1 (silverpine). If you would like me to add your games in the video, games from rounds 1 through semi finals, please leave a comment below indicating your match or round number and the times at which fights or cool plays take place, that way it'll be easier for me to know when I should have the camera settings and everything ready to record.
Preferably, fights should be between 80 and 100 population, and I can have you in the video several times; for instance, you could appear for a scene from round 1 and also for round 3 or even semi finals.
Since there will be a lot of editting, the Season 23 Highlights video may be a two part video, probably each part 8 to 10 minutes, and I think I could introduce as many of you who have been playing fml regularly from the past seasons. Finally, I've been thinking about using In flames as the main source of music track, but if you have a good song that goes along with the wc3 video, feel free to suggest and I could put it in the video if need be. To conclude, if the grand final is played next sunday, then the video should be finished by the sunday after that, october 16th, right before the announcement of Season 24.

Here is a sneak preview of what I've done so far (it can be modified):

General Discussion / Ena's petition
« on: September 20, 2016, 07:13:22 AM »
As we all know, Ena is a valuable member of our community and starting next season he won't be able to play FML unless he gets unbanned from wc3arena. Please, go and post why he should be unbanned in the link below, he deserves a second chance and the opportunity to play FML S25 S24 with us again!


General Discussion / Round 4 predictions!
« on: August 28, 2016, 06:47:38 PM »
 :USA: :ne: Under.Sta
 :Hungaria: :ud: Tyrant66
 :Finland: :ne: j33.
 :Russia: :ud: Reinforcement-

:USA: USA :USA: will prevail, Under has made good use of imba race in the previous three rounds and I don't see any of these guys outplaying him. Even if it comes to late game, he will make sure to play it just right to go undefeated to the grand final!

 :USA: :ra: Eshan
 :Germany: :hu: GEASS
 :USA: :ne: Wrecktify
 :Germany: :ra: Slythe

We have two americans fighting for different objectives, Eshan will fight to secure top 2 and move straight to finals while Wreck will fight for top 10 to secure a place in semi-finals. As we look at the players, it should be a very intense game with backs and forth. Now that we've see Slyth and Eshan show true skills in round 3, GEASS and Wreck will have to think twice before committing on killing someone. Ultimately I think it's very likely that this ends up in a long 4 way where teaming is very much needed.

 :Peru: :hu: Zs.SuperCumulo
 :USA: :ne: Mog[skynet]
 :Russia: :ud: Jaod_
 :Sweden: :ra: Junkerzam

This match is a bit unfortunate, all of us need a win no matter the cost to make it in the top 10 and one of us will get 5 points meaning bye bye top 10. The players are in decent shape, all of us have done a decent job in the first three rounds and played for the win in all games.
Although these guys are my friends, I'll have to play my best; just like I did with taylor Swift fan boy Shave to the point the noob uninstalled skype and quit wc3  :icon_cool:

One kick to make you leave the game, another to make you uninstall arena, and one last kick to make you banish from Skype  :icon_twisted:

 :Switzerland: :hu: Noexxx
 :Kazakhstan: :orc: ARcTic.KYOTO
 :France: :ne: Ponty
 :Germany: :ne: Darkermirror

Noex played well his 1v1 vs Alien, but in this instance he faces the snake french (long distance cousin of zTsoso), so he should be careful when entering the three way, because eventhough Ponty is a passive hoarder, he can steal the win by A clicking on the ground, as most skilled elfs do these days  :icon_razz:. After all, Kyoto will disconnect and Darkermirror is no match vs Noex. With this being said, I have high hopes in Noex  :icon_biggrin:.

 :Denmark: :ud: Tleilaxu
 :Denmark: :hu: zTsoso
 :Germany: :hu: QQs
 :Germany: :ra: WeAkUD

Everyone in this group needs a win, and looking at the players, we have two snakes, soso and crylaxu. Maybe WeakUD changes his style this time and realizes that going rambo is not such a hot idea in FFA. Overall, soso will win, why? because he'll go random, cry for help when he gets orc for the 4th consecutive time and tomed by necro push from crylaxu, so after weakUD helps him, soso rebuilds and wins like he did in round 1  :icon_wink: making it to the top 10 and having a chance to defend his title among the best.

 :Russia: :ne: TOCKA_3EJIEHA9I
 :Germany: :orc: Pinballmap
 :USA: :ra: AlienWareOwnZ
 :Sweden: :orc: Fetta_ook

Tough game, I think fetta in shape = rusty Alien while Pinballmap may put up a decent fight vs TOCKA, but his mass towers and lame strats might overwhelm him. I think the game will come down to Alien, fetta and TOCKA. Fetta will probably manip the most and try to sneak a win somehow, afterall, everyone in this group also needs a win desperately to have a slight chance to make it top 10 with only 55 points  :icon_rolleyes:

General Discussion / FML S23 Round 3 Predictions
« on: August 14, 2016, 11:50:51 PM »
 :Hungaria: :ud: Tyrant66
 :USA: :ne: Under.Sta
 :Sweden: :ra: Junkerzam
 :Germany: :ra: Slythe

This will be a hell of a game, we have a Gengar, a Venusaur, a vaporeon and a pikachu. Given by how they've played in previous round I'd say it'll be a three way among tyrant, under and junkerzam, but ultimately under will defeat them with his solar beam!

 :USA: :ne: Wrecktify
 :Finland: :ne: j33.
 :Denmark: :ud: Tleilaxu
 :Germany: :hu: GEASS

Tough game for everyone. Wreck and j33 have faced before, when it comes to ne mirror, Wreck just sonic booms anyone . As for Laxu and GEASS, I wonder if Laxu will opt for his classical necro wagon or go gargs. The game will most likely be a long 4 way with backs and forth. Ultimately my money is on Wreck

 :Kazakhstan: :orc: ARcTic.KYOTO
 :Russia: :ud: Reinforcement-
 :USA: :ne: Mog[skynet]
 :Russia: :ud: Jaod_

Mog Ken Masters will take to school all of these players, one by one

 :USA: :ra: Eshan
 :Denmark: :hu: zTsoso
 :Russia: :ne: TOCKA_3EJIEHA9I
 :France: :ne: Ponty

Unfortunate match, ponty and eshan will team soso to death  :icon_frown: :icon_frown: :icon_frown: that means that Tocka will have free room to hoard up to 20k and then punish the two rats for pre-teaming. Nevertheless, soso will try harder than ever before, even harder than Eshan (king of tryhards) and come back with 100 and win the game with mass tp  :icon_lol: :icon_lol:

 :Germany: :ra: WeAkUD
 :Germany: :ud: Letshavesomefun
 :Peru: :hu: Zs.SuperCumulo
 :Sweden: :orc: Fetta_ook

This game is a nightmare, let's just hope the orcs don't get claws +15 -_-''

 :Finland: :ra: aarnikratti
 :Germany: :orc: Pinballmap
 :USA: :ra: AlienWareOwnZ
 :Switzerland: :hu: Noexxx

Noex and Alien are favorites here, but I think Noex has the upper hand. He's an excellent player when it comes to these type of maps and can easily tome pinball or the other guy, giving him an advantage for late game vs taquitos. However, if taquitos gets undead then maybe he can pull off a win :O.

 :Canada: :ne: Renaud
 :Russia: :ra: Dinamo
 :Russia: :orc: Airenikus
 :Germany: :ne: Darkermirror

I really wanna see Renaud win this, I don't give a shit about the rest :)

 :Bulgaria: :ud: ObserveAndLearn
 :USA: :ra: Steppinrazor
 :Russia: :orc: mrSweets
 :Germany: :orc: Ena1337

Tough game, all players have a decent chance of winning. Perhaps Stepping if he gets undead, or Obsandlearn if he plays as well as his older brother Maga  :icon_lol:. Nevertheless, Ena, the orc will win this  :icon_cool: :icon_cool:

 :Russia: :orc: Kent2566
 :Russia: :orc: b100death
 :Germany: :hu: QQs
 :USA: :ud: Red7z7

Last, but not least, I think this round will go to either QQs or b100. These two have the skills to deliver  a win. Since I've known QQs longer I go with him

General Discussion / Ponty vs Dragao @ FFA bot
« on: March 15, 2016, 12:01:03 AM »

League Discussion / Best game of Round 1
« on: March 04, 2016, 11:14:32 PM »
Here guys, I'm implementing the proposal that Junkerzam brought few days ago. I hope you guys participate and maybe we can have a winner for best replay of Round 1 and shoutcast it  :icon_biggrin:.
As for the votes, each member gets 3 votes so pick wisely  :icon_biggrin: (I recommend to watch some of the games first  :icon_razz:)

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