April 26, 2018, 10:53:18 AM

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Re: M20 Results GG WP Dianmo !

You was true best in this round ! I know once you show to Zs.SuperCumulo how much he was wrong - when said it " american capitalism, beating the shit out of communist russians since 1947 )))))))))))))))) "

else once you can said him - cumulo bro - stop lick the ass of America -__-

November 26, 2016, 02:59:52 AM
Re: S24 Round 3 Matches
all of these predictions saying i will manip and puppet my way to victory is just ensuring i get teamed by kent + dinamo BFFs :(

Eshan - actually it is all just american and peruvians 1LVL Jokes - last game show all us - how lucky can you be..... WHY DInamo need team you with kent ? together ))) xD

in your last game you and RKK team 2 x 1 Dinamo - in time when Dinamo finished RKK you just sniping Dinamo expams...
in game - he destroyed you totally - and if he have little more time - you just be kicked out

Dinamo have better stats than you in ladder bot and he practice his FFA skill every day - GL HF for you today and as i already said - show your skill today

i be very sad if you aggain stay at main in 50 and cry about " i dying " - and in late just get not deserved win !

November 29, 2016, 01:26:50 AM
Re: M52 Result admins disable chat until 1 player will not leaving  or losing. Or soon only noobs like ponty laxu and cumulo will stay play ffa and thinks it is great games
January 07, 2017, 06:03:13 PM
Re: Draft Phase - Team Battle Royale
i prob could but you keep forgetting this is an FFA league

which is why i made that pick - ur a solo player with an attitude, that hasnt chosen to adapt to ffa
He sure solo'd those creeps

Here you can see that Ena already adapted the new meta, which noexx invented on
death rose to win the final.

February 16, 2017, 07:33:03 AM
Re: TBR Week 4 Saturday Results
why yesterday the same players played in two games at once? (Junkerzam and Noexxx). It is strictly not correct, it was necessary to give all the players each team the opportunity to compete in a game format 2х2х2х2! All that happened yesterday is Fail, and contrary to common sense of competition and competitiveness! The organization of the League is disgusting! What's the point then was to do 4 teams of 10 players on each team, if 85% of the games played the same 5-6 players in each team?! idiots?!

A player can play a maximum of 2 team matches.

anything else?

March 19, 2017, 06:23:43 AM
Re: TBR Week 4 Saturday Results As stated, QQs did play 2 matches - neon city, and boomtoen.

Uther played 1, and was scheduled for the 2nd (purity in week 3) but did not show up due to him partying too hard. I subbed into that game (it was my 3rd 1v1v1v1 game) and I asked all other team captains if it was ok beforehand. I even said we would forfeit it because I did not want to break rules, but since all other teams had a similar situation at least once, they agreed it was fine. No team really abused this rule breaking in my opinion. Anyway, just wanted to clarify - so grybby go take your bullshit back to mini Dota ;)

March 19, 2017, 03:47:26 PM
Re: Ravenclaw Interview thx ravenclaws, you brought me into the new fml season :D
May 02, 2017, 12:24:56 PM
Re: M3 Result Brilliance aura 1st new meta
May 07, 2017, 01:42:36 PM
Re: M6 Result I really can not understand why players can not talk about anything when a pause is taken by a player who needs a pause
This does not violate any balance in the game, on the contrary the player who took a break can read the chat log and use this information

I think that under <manp pause> it is necessary to mean only a pause set during battles or some kind of quick action, after which the player begins to write manipulations and correctly that it was banned

May 09, 2017, 08:51:49 AM
Re: M6 Result We've already discussed in length why we went with no manip during pause from everyone. Just banning part of the problem does not solve the problem. Player X can pause to pee while Y and Z manip while hes away. Then when X comes back he can refuse to unpause and manips instead. Now we have another manip pause situation.

There were other situations discussed but the point is that banning manip during pause is the solution that eliminates pause manip completely. Feel free to read over the chat from before in the thread I had linked to previously, we went much more in detail in that thread.

Also, I honestly don't see how someone pausing cause be considered manip if they don't even chat about the game. I think thats a stretch...

Here is the chat log:

Code: (first pause) [Select]
(33:17 / All) UjustGotShaved: sec
(33:17 / All) UjustGotShaved: need pee
(33:17 / All) UjustGotShaved: i always drink so much in the gym
(33:17 / All) UjustGotShaved: brb
(33:17 / All) Slythe: k, aka manip pause
(33:17 / All) qwest: i suicde u and gren win
(33:17 / All) qwest: its my expo
(33:17 / All) qwest: fuck u
(33:17 / All) qwest: rly
(33:17 / All) Jaod: i go finish you
(33:17 / All) qwest: fuck u
(33:17 / All) Jaod: stfu
(33:17 / All) qwest: u do nothing
(33:17 / All) qwest: green whole map
(33:17 / All) qwest: u stay at 50
(33:17 / All) qwest: gk
(33:17 / All) qwest: gj
(33:17 / All) Jaod: i 76
(33:17 / All) Jaod: learn scout
(33:17 / All) qwest: take other side expos
(33:17 / All) Jaod: no
(33:17 / All) qwest: 20k emty exp[o
(33:17 / All) qwest: its my
(33:17 / All) Jaod: i need t5hat
(33:17 / All) Jaod: only
(33:17 / All) qwest: u lose that game then
(33:17 / All) qwest: i creped it first
(33:17 / All) qwest: and builde
(33:17 / All) qwest: d
(33:17 / All) qwest: u rush me
(33:17 / All) qwest: and dead
(33:17 / All) qwest: up honor and sell expo
(33:17 / All) UjustGotShaved: yo pause manip is not allowed
(33:17 / All) UjustGotShaved: penalty
(33:17 / All) qwest: i let life
(33:17 / All) qwest: your acos
(33:17 / All) Slythe: go
(33:17 / All) qwest: g
(33:17 / All) Jaod: g
(33:17 / All) UjustGotShaved: G
(33:17 / All) UjustGotShaved: or do i have to raed that crap now?
(33:17) The game has been resumed by UjustGotShaved.

Code: (second pause) [Select]
(90:46 / All) UjustGotShaved: sec
(90:46 / All) UjustGotShaved: need pee
(90:46 / All) UjustGotShaved: again
(90:46 / All) Slythe: pff
(90:46 / All) qwest: u have main|?
(90:46 / All) Slythe: nope
(90:46 / All) qwest: tt
(90:46 / All) qwest: i will sleep sh or tc?
(90:46 / All) Slythe: sh
(90:46 / All) Slythe: i silence tc
(90:46 / All) qwest: kk
(90:46 / All) qwest: domnt slience me
(90:46 / All) qwest: )
(90:46 / All) Slythe: i try ^^
(90:46 / All) qwest: xD)
(90:46 / All) UjustGotShaved: re
(90:46 / All) Slythe: if he close
(90:46 / All) qwest: g
(90:46 / All) UjustGotShaved: u guys do know
(90:46 / All) Slythe: other way round
(90:46 / All) Slythe: go
(90:46 / All) UjustGotShaved: that pause manip
(90:46) The game has been resumed by Slythe.
(90:46 / All) UjustGotShaved: is penalty?
(90:57 / All) Slythe: g

May 09, 2017, 09:55:18 AM