March 18, 2018, 08:57:11 PM

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Re: S24 M42 Whatever, let's just get this game over with.

@Wrecktify could you and your buttboy please stop confusing the hell outta us? What you whisper to each other under the blankets doesn't really reach out to the rest of us.

December 20, 2016, 11:09:40 AM
Re: S24 M42 Wreck and culo are retards, they confused us, or mb it was pre game manip.

Anyway, we play 22:30 CET

December 21, 2016, 03:08:12 PM
Re: TBR Sunday Week 2 Result Great cast guys, you two work great together.

Also, props to mapmaker rhytm for creating a cool map, interesting to hear his thoughts on it. Hope to see it in FML as well

February 27, 2017, 09:31:02 AM
Re: S25 M14 Shave, stop pretending that you have a life. We all know you are online 24/7 playing mini dota
May 31, 2017, 06:55:12 AM
Re: FFA Cup 6th (?) Great initiative!

Formar: should be classic 4 way FFA, that's why we're al here. The map pool could be voted before the start of the event, but when the event has started, it should be a fixed pool to avoid all the hassle for the admins since players like shave/tox are fucking retarded.

I have a suggestion: all players that donate at least 10 USD should be allowed to pick one player to avoid in first round. This would be a good way of dodging suiciding noobs (ena/shave/tox)

September 07, 2017, 02:30:34 AM
Re: S26 M1 @Airenikus can you play Friday 21 cet?

If so, confirm tonight

October 19, 2017, 10:38:55 AM
Re: Week 1 Matchups
:MS: M1

:Russia: :orc: Airenikus [Rage]
:Germany: :ra: Slythe [BM]
:Sweden: :orc: Fetta_ook [Inc]
:Argentina: :ne: Supremo [FREE]

Can't believe I ended up in the same game as Slythe. We have a history of flaming each others, and it is always the same reason. I find a good moment to hit him, and in most cases I carry on killing him, but since he is a decent opponent, I seldom finish him faster than the other guy finishes his opponent, after which Slythe claims that I suicided him, so he will suicide me, and in 100% of the cases just hands a freewin to the other guy.

Hopefully he is in a calmer, more peaceful state of mind nowadays so his mind won't be clouded, giving him the possibility to think rationally.

:TL: M2

:Germany: :ne: HighTac [Rage]
:World: :orc: Betoon [Inc]
:Poland: :orc: dragao [FREE]

Hightac is a really bad ffa player, not necessarily because he sucks playwise, but he he has adopted the strange "honor" thing that noexxx always calls people out for lacking. Even though hightac gets tomed, he won't say anything until he is defeated, so this game will favor the cunning Harvey Weinsten-lookalike and fellow new yorker, Wrecktify.

:ES: M3

:Finland: :ne: Aarnikratti [Rage]
:Lithuania: :hu: EvilPeanut [BM]
:USA: :orc: IWANTWC4 [Inc]
:World: :ra: DkHDennis [FREE]

j33s little brother aarnikratti has recently started to suck slightly less, so I think that he will take this one quite ez, since his playstyle is quite dynamic and he knows english well enough to manip the newcomers. Peanut really sucks, he is a proper troll that just tower rushes people but always fail to transition into ffa play, so he will rush one player out and then just get tomed when he has 10 footies and 5 mercs at the 30 min mark.

:FM: M4

:Denmark: :hu: zTsoso [Rage]

:Russia: :ne: Dinamo [BM]
:Germany: :orc: MrSweets [Inc]
:Poland: :ne: Gradient [FREE]

Soso is a great player, but to much of a primadonna and a fucking drama queen, so he will cry for being teamed, while gradient is too thick to understand this so he will throw waves and waves of staff harass with alchy/pit lord/kotg, but eventually soso will be too fed so he will be able to handle the teaming, despite his crying.

:MS: M5
:USA: :ra: Seksi [CoR]
:USA: :ra: Eshan [Zig]
:Germany: :ra: SosoHasRedHair [SS]
:Germany: :hu: QQs [Ena]

In all honesty, this game would have been a great, popcorn-munching kind of game IF it would have taken place like 3 years ago. Back then, Seksi was in awesome shape, nolifing ladder hard and eventually ended up winning it together with brainman? Eshan was also decent back then, since the average skill level was so much lower. Shave back then hadn't yet become the diva he is now, when he thinks he's the shit after being able to kill his first opponent swiftly and then becoming surprised that people team him when he has triple 6, mass tp AND 5x the other players gold COMBINED. Now he just complains about people teaming him for name etc etc which is fuckin tiring to listen to. So, in this game he will tome QQs (since he sucks hard) and then once again be surprised that the americans will team him.

Seksi prevails, he is still good enough to beat the rest of these knuckleheads, even though his micro is OFF point.

:TL: M6
:Canada: :ne: Renaud [CoR]
:Hungaria: :ud: Tyrant [Zig]
:France: :ne: Ponty [SS]
:Russia: :ud: Spielmann [Ena]

Too proud players to team Tyrant as hard as required, so ez win

:ES: M7
:Germany: :orc: Fail.Life [CoR]
:USA: :ne: Mog [Zig]
Switzerland: :hu: Noexxx [SS]
:Australia: :orc: SweeT [Ena]

Normally, noexxx would wipe the floor with this cast. BUT, apparently this swiss kid is having the time of his life at university he will probably be focusing too much on just pulling the most boring and yawning stories ever, like he always does in the discord channel.

"last night, i was sooo drunk with all ze boys, we goed to ze cinema and watch horror movie and drink so much jaegerbombs so after we did go for kebab and i fall sleep on the kebab table LOOOL"

:FM: M8
:Peru: :hu: Zs.Supercumulo [CoR]
:Sweden: :ra: Junkerzam [Zig]
:USA: :ra: AlienWareOwnZ [SS]
:Germany: :ne: Trunks [Ena]

Very entertaining cast, 2 strong soloers in cumulo and trunkz. However, they lack the ffa sense that alien has, so he will prevail and take this victory upstreams colorado river.

October 19, 2017, 12:03:33 PM
Re: FML Season 27 | Sign up! Fetta_ook
February 22, 2018, 07:19:43 AM
Re: S27 M1.5 Gradi can sub, he understands ffa, unlike there fucking filthy Peruvians dragged in to fml by the even filthier scumulo
March 15, 2018, 06:05:09 AM