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Re: S25Q6 Hey Cumulo!

Is this the match I could possibly sub in? 

April 29, 2017, 03:21:57 PM
Re: FML Season 26 News + Applications I will play this season. 
October 02, 2017, 09:17:46 PM
Re: ALL want back classic FML !!! Even if this format isn't preferred by the majority, it's for one season.  And FML has been around far longer then anyone still playing today giving us season after season of FFA league. 

I think it's best to show appreciation and be grateful for we still have after so many years.   

October 04, 2017, 03:38:33 AM
Re: More unpopular opinions I agree, Mog.  Here's the top 5 in my opinion:   

1. Archmage
2. Paladin
3. Tauren Chieftain
4. Pandarian Brewmaster
5. Shadow Hunter

October 05, 2017, 12:58:34 AM
The Greatest FFA Players of All Time Yo! 

I was having a very cool discussion with Lightweight regarding some of these topics.  It's always interesting (and nostalgic) to discuss skilled players in the respective game (or sport) you compete in.   I have a lot of experience with these players and hopefully can provide some insight as well.  Without further ado, here are my lists for the best FFA players of all time, broken down by race.

[Lists are in no particular order] 

:hu: HUMAN: :hu: Human is the best FFA race and it's no coincidence that this list has many incredible Human players.

htrt - Maybe the greatest FFA player of all time.  He had elite micro and macro but also was extremely intelligent and understood the intricacies of FFA completely.  He was the closest thing to a perfect Human player.   

Target - The original Human powerhouse.  He would often play only two heroes (MK/Paladin) and go fast 80/100 Gryphon/Hawk with a lot of pressure.  He didn't play much after the beginning but makes this list for his (short) period of dominance. 

Lightweight - My ultimate Rival!  :icon_biggrin:  Lightweight was absolutely a top tier Human and Orc player.  A fearsome player that was very well rounded in all aspects of FFA.   

Noexxx - One of the best players of all time and arguably the best player from recent times.  Noexxx has slick micro but also a unique and intelligent game.  He could compete micro wise with some of the pro solo players from awhile back (yaws in Human mirror and Ludix against Orc) while still being balanced and playing an overall better game. 

SuperCumulo - BNet solo pro turned FFA veteran.  I met Cumulo around 2010 on BNet when he joined my custom FFA games.  Our first game was on Twilight and I was Orc with DR/TC/SH.   He was quickly interested in FFA and now has become one of the best Human players without question.   High level of Micro and a developed sense for FFA and making the right decisions makes Cumulo a threat in any game. 

Soso - Soso is another very strong Human player that started out playing with me for some time.  He picked up FFA quickly and had a passion to improve.  Great micro and strategy as well as decision making.  He was a cerebral player that could compete with anyone.  He and Noexxx were the best humans for a stretch of time. 

RebbatS - Old school player, best known for winning strategic games and long 3 ways.  He was the first version of a j33. type of player.   He had good enough micro to compete in battle but he was really good at winning games against players with superior micro as well (think Eshan).  RebbatS had some incredible finishes that made him unique. 

Battle.Suck -  The definition of aggression as a Human FFA player.   He understood FFA enough and had top level micro.   He was absolutely relentless; one of the most difficult players to fight against because he was non-stop.   He also had crazy mixed armies that he managed to micro together and effectively.   Gryphons, Hawks, Gyros, Breakers, Priest, Sorc, Mortar, Knight while using Tanks at your expos.  He would quickly go 100 food and fight to the death! 

Humans7ar - Humans7ar rounds out this list of top Human players.   He didn't have elite micro but definitely good enough to compete.  More than anything, he understood the ins-and-outs of playing Human and how to utilize them.  He was able to adapt to any situation and rarely made mistakes.   He loved to fight and hardly ever manipulated.   

:orc: ORC:  :orc: Orc is a lost race.  Back in the day, Orc was one of the dominant races (if not the most dominant) regarding the number of skilled and high level Orc players.   The best Orc players were well-rounded and absolutely dominant. 

Invincible_Rice -  Rice was the best FFA player in the beginnings of FFA.   He played all ground (headhunters/casters/tauren/kodo) 100 food.   No wyverns and no bats and he had insane micro and macro.   His army controls were unmatched and he would often 1v2 or 1v3 players.  He played FS/TC/SH with Orc Ground and had dominating ladder records.   He was compared to Starcraft pros because of his macro and multi-tasking.     

DarknessCallsMe - The master of DR/TC/SH Orc.   Darkness skill was unreal and his hero combo was the absolute best fighting combo of any race.  It's too bad that no one plays DR anymore.   Silence adds to Stomp and Hex for a triple-disable that could lock down an opponent completely with good micro.   I remember watching a FRAPS video (before the days of Twitch) of Darkness and seeing his 300+ APM.   It seemed like a ton of unnecessary actions but he was as dominant of a player as anyone in his prime.   

DasElend - BM/TC/SH in it's purest form.   DasElend had it all... high level micro, macro and FFA sense.   But what stood out to me the most was his BM use was the best ever.   You were always scouted and his BM control was top tier.   The knock on DasElend was that he was a true fighter and wasn't as effective of a player when losing the advantage early or forced into a scrambling situation.  Regardless, DasElend was one of the very best Orc players to ever play. 

Lightweight - LW's second mention on this list.   LW was DarknessCalls' protege, and he was an incredible Orc player with BM or DR.   He was pure, aggressive, and very tough to beat.  His Orc was absurd and he would often 1v2 and in battles and come out on top. 

y.zenchenko (y.z) - y.z. was the cookie cutter Orc FFA player played at the highest level.   He abused Hex/Stomp as well as anyone.  He had elite ward usage!  The map was always dotted with Sentry Wards.   He understood army composition perfectly at all food counts.   y.z. was especially scary because he would frequently find times to hoard and knew how to get the most value out of situations.   

Plush - I only played about 5 games vs Plush, but he makes this list because he was simply incredible with Wyvern micro.   He would rarely play bats but rather focus on mass Wyvern/Caster with insane Hero micro.   He would fight 50 vs 80 and force TPs or gain huge value trade.  There was no better Wyvern micro Orc player.  He was an Orc player that had the potential to be the best ever.  On a downside, Plush was easily manipulated and didn't always respond well to getting teamed. 

Nline - Nline was awesome!  The consummate FFA pro.  He would play DR and BM, but he was known for Alch/TC/SH.   Nline had almost top tier Micro while having an amazing FFA sense and knack for winning games.   Always a scary fighter, he would stay in fights instead of TP and literally fight his way out of them for what seemed like minutes.   Notably, his Walker usage was incredible and always played a very cool style that was easy to root for. 

:ne: ELF: :ne: Night Elf is a cool FFA race that can be played in many ways.   It is quite versatile and that is evident with the various styles of players that made this list. 

F-L-Y - The original best FFA player.   He played in an era with a lot of skilled opponents and would consistently beat them.  He played DR/Panda/Potm elf and incorporated Dotts and Lore units too.   F-L-Y's micro was good, but his macro was the best ever.   He would engage you in battle while having Chims siege your main base and expansions.  He would split his army up and play strategic battles.  He was also relentless; once you were in a 1v1 with him you had to expect to be sharp and control multiple groups and bases or else fall to the constant pressure.     

Nooblex - Panda/Potm/Kotg.  Nooblex was one of the best Elf players ever without having top tier micro.   He was extremely smart and understood how to win games and how to have the advantage vs his opponents.  One of his philosophies with Elf was to either be 50 or 100 food, rarely 80.   He was elite at managing gold, building bases, and choosing his spots.   His bases were beautiful and he was patient in his actions. 
Wrecktify - The most successful FML player of all time, Wrecktify was also a very smart player.   He didn't have elite micro but definitely could compete.  Most importantly, he knew how to win games.  He had a knack for making the right decisions and putting himself in a position to win better than anyone else.  He understood how to communicate with others and utilize a specific in-game situation to his advantage.   He was also a high level Human player. 

Lost.Ancient - My favorite Elf player, he played Warden/Kotg/Panda with excellent micro and a decisiveness that was unmatched.  It seemed like he knew exactly what he needed to do and went straight for it.  He played Lore units primarily (MG/Dryad) and would tear up Human and opposing Elf players.   His hero combo stood out more than anything and he had incredible control of each of his heroes.  He was insanely good with Warden blinking and FoK and DR silencing and eventually charming units into his army.   He also built great bases and loved to fight + not manipulate. 

Under.StA - The original solo pro turned FFA player.  Under.Sta played DH/Panda/Kotg and had incredible micro.  As he learned FFA army compositions and how to manipulate he quickly became the best Elf player for a period of time.

j33 - One of the most clever players to ever play.  He famously won an FML title against me when he hid a Tree of Life on the one cliff/spot on Harvest of Sorrows.  I couldn't find it for the longest time and he eventually destroyed my last building with Treant summons from his Kotg after I killed it!  It was arguably the most epic finish of any FML final (I can think of one other one on Twilight).  In addition to that game, j33 also had a knack for winning games.  I remember j33 the most for being the most skilled at navigating through a 3-way.   

Renaud - Renaud!  Renaud was obviously a brilliant wc3 mind.  I used to love talking strategy with him.   He was a very good Human player before he turned to Elf.   Renaud would hoard gold better than anyone and he also made great decisions and didn't tilt.   His micro was never top tier, but he maximized Chippo's effectiveness and could definitely win any game he was in.  He was also famous for not having wood.   Namely not spending any gold that wasn't absolutely necessary (including additional wood wisps  :icon_lol)

:ud: UNDEAD: :ud: Undead is the weakest race in FFA.   UD can compete and surely win games but they are given weak bases and poor healing mechanics.   In addition to that, their main unit (gargoyle) is overpriced.  Chims, Bats, and Tanks all own Undead.   Still, Undead has the potential to be great if you can fight well and take advantage of opportunities.  The following players get a little bit more respect from me due to the fact that they played Undead.  As you can see, there have been few top tier Undead players. 

Magadansky - Aside from LW, Maga was my other fierce rival for a long time.  He was The O.G. In my opinion, he was the best FML player of all time.  He is right behind Wrecktify in FML titles.   To quote Lightweight, Magadansky "played great in every single game and could win any game he was in".   He was an Undead player that had the best FFA sense combined with high level micro and manipulation.   The most prominent thought that I have when it comes to Maga is his consistency.  He would always perform at a high level no matter what.   

Tyrant - FML Champion, he won the final game against j33 and Magadansky and outplayed Maga in UD mirror.   Tyrant had near top tier micro and understood FFA as well.  He still plays now but never was a huge part of the scene..  However, when he played he was always one of the best Undead players and one of the most recent ones.

Yane - Yane could have an argument for the Best FFA player ever.   He was on a completely different level microwise.   Yane had the best micro of any FFA player... even better than the likes of htrt, Cechi, and Yaws in my opinion.   Plus... he played Undead!  He would famously dual-tech by using a Banshee to possess opposing races workers.   He had a sick army one game of Wyrms/Tanks with Inner Fire Priests  :icon_surprised:.   He was often teamed hardcore and didn't stay in the scene for too much, but was an active FFA player for about a year.

PencilWarrior - PencilWarrior was the original best Undead player, on the same level as F-L-Y and Lost.Ancient skill wise.  He often played DL first and had ridiculous micro with gargs, stone form and scrolls.  A common thought I had when thinking of Pencil is..."Oh shit, level 6 DL"  :icon_mrgreen:
Cechi - A more recent solo pro that played FFA for a stretch of time.   He had the best micro by far and would play mass fiends!!!  Yes, like 20 + fiends.   He wouldn't make gargoyles but just have insane micro with fiends and heroes + banshees/wyrms/destroyers.   I was able to beat him in his first FML game (with LW and Wreck also, if I remember right) but I had a major advantage going into our 1v1.  He almost came back to win despite a huge gold advantage with sick fiend micro against Elf.   He didn't play much but still deserved to make this list. 

:ra: RANDOM::ra: I give the most respect to a player that can play all races.   I feel that is the ultimate testament of skill and a well-rounded game.  Some players can play 2 races well, others can play all decently, but the following players could play all races at near equal levels and compete with anyone. 

Persuade - Persuade was one of the best FFA players and excellent with all races.  He always played Random and could compete at the highest level with any race.  I think Orc was his best race, but they were all really close.  His Orc could be on the Orc list also.   Persuade and I played together for a lot of our "prime" and were rivals as skilled Random players.  Persuade (along with LW) are two of the best players to never win an FML title.   In fact, Persuade was in that FML final game I mentioned before with myself that j33. and j33. ended up winning. 

Alien - One of the few players still playing today to make these lists.   Alien was not as good back in the day, but he always played and eventually became a top tier player.  He is also excellent with all races and never backs down from a fight.   Alien is kind of similar to Persuade in a lot of ways.   Skilled with all races and always a threat in any game he is in.  Alien is one of the best players now and would compete at a high level in any era.   

Brain.Man - Brain.Man aka TheThroneIsMine was a super talented player that was always on the fringe.   When he played WC3, he said he would ruin his life because he wouldn't work or hang out with his girlfriend or family.  He would often sell his PC to prevent himself from playing... but would come back for periods of time.   As for his skills... he was a top tier Random player and especially good with Human or Orc.  His Human and Orc would make the above lists too.   He was absolutely unique in his play style.   I remember him most when bitterly competing with him for the FML ladder titles 2012 and 2013.  Really he was a cool (and strange) guy that was one of the best FFA players.   

Eshan - Eshan makes this list with probably the worst micro of anyone mentioned.  And I say that as a compliment.   Eshan was the original manipulator and not just crying in chat but also playing a clever game that often won him games against opponents with better micro.   Eshan was the "Legend Killer" because he would beat the best players in matches through other means than battles which was impressive.  He knows how to stay in a game, survive, and end up winning maybe better than anyone else.  Eshan also played Random and is/was good with all races.

F-L-Y - F-L-Y is mentioned under Random players because he was truly great with all races as well.   His Undead was phenomenal and he actually won his FML title playing Orc and choosing DR/TC/SH  :icon_mrgreen:.   


November 13, 2017, 04:27:11 AM
Re: The Greatest FFA Players of All Time Great comments from everyone!     

I will edit the original posts but the replies are gold.   

To piggy back off Worpex' dream match up, I'd like to divert the thread only for a moment to share 5 theoretical match ups I'd love to play in or observe. 

Dream show match... 8 players on Market or Twilight.  Nice blend of play styles from all races:

 :hu: htrt
 :hu: Noexxx
 :orc: DarknessCallsMe
 :orc: y.zenchenko
 :ne: Lost.Ancient
 :ne: Nooblex
 :ud: Magadansky
 :ud: Seksi 

4 way I'd like to play in, All Random Bo3: 

 :ra: Persuade
 :ra: Alien
 :ra: Brain.Man
 :ra: Seksi

Human Showdown!

 :orc: htrt
 :orc: Noexxx
 :orc: Soso
 :orc: SuperCumulo

Orc on Orc Violence:

 :orc: DasElend
 :orc: y.z
 :orc: Lightweight
 :orc: Nline

Old School vs New School (High Micro Race Wars)

 :ud: Yane
 :hu: Htrt
 :ne: Trunkz
 :orc: b100

November 14, 2017, 12:49:24 AM
Re: S26 M99 Unneeded drama guys, come join the stream/cast tomorrow!
February 10, 2018, 01:56:50 PM
Re: FFArena ladder breaking news I love to come back and see all of this!!

My throw ins:

1. Working ladder / stats.   This is the most important thing to keep it competitive and active.  If there can be set times for seasons (ex: 3 months at a time) would be good too.

2.  Not too many custom maps with 8+ players.   These ones (thinking of Pinball Crux) take forever to fill and often start with 5 players.   However, with a working ladder/statistic system this may not be an issue.

3. Anonymous = great for ladder FFA.

4. IF we can play on Bnet with the new patch on bots that have no lag... FFA IS BACK!!! :)   

5. I will contribute $$ and time/efforts if need be.  Let me know, Ugri!

February 26, 2018, 02:19:52 PM
Re: M18 Result wp Joey, nice DL first.   It's nice to come back and see a number of good players and a competitive scene.  I will play more actively and look forward to competing.


Good win, Airenikus!

March 07, 2018, 11:31:40 PM