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Re: S24 Round 3 Matches M29
:Bulgaria::ud: ObserveAndLearn
:Germany::orc: ena1337
:Sweden::ra: Junkerzam
:Germany::ra: WeAkUD

Ena already back? ^^ obs`n`learn underperformed last season pointwise and could be very well 40+ this season after 2 games. Junker cannot play so much these day bcuz of all his admin duties :P and weakud is always a easteregg. My money is on Obs&Learn

:Peru::hu: Zs.SuperCumulo
:USA::ne: Mog[skynet]
:Ukraine::orc: Nline
:Russia::ne: Nightelf

Cumo and Nline need to force a 3way with only one elf, bcuz hu/orc vs 2 elf would result in autoteam i suppose. Time for nline to grab some more points.

:Germany::orc: Pinballmap
:Sweden::orc: Fetta_ook
:Finland::ra: Rain
:Russia::hu: AjikaIII

Hard to predict. Depending on how motivated PBM is. Will Rain be in troll mode? Ajk robot mode or finally needs some sleep and is out of stimulant drugs? Fetta can establish orc tech and scouts enough to know whatīs going on? If Rain plays ud and can take one out early he could win, otherwise human will previal.

:Finland::ra: aarnikratti
:USA::ud: ashalar
:Bulgaria::ud: XoZ_Magadansky
:Canada::ne: Renaud

I also see Magadansky as clear favorite here. Maybe aarni and ash will get mixed up in the game bcuz of name smiliarities, which could cause some confusion.

:USA::ra: Eshan
:Russia::ud: KENT2566
:Serbia::ne: svedirko
:Russia::ne: Dinamo

Eshan has a good run. I still have not seen much of Kent. Svedirko can much better than he showed last game. He almost won first round and can maybe fly under the radar a bit here. Dinamo showed some strong elf play lately and when he keeps on doing it, he has a good shot.

:Germany::orc: letshavesomefun
:Kazakhstan::ud: DV-
:Germany::hu: QQs
:USA::ne: Redkeekee

Shave will finally go back to more aggressive play. Interesting constellation. QQs form shapen up and rkk always dangerous with very good game knowledge and nice elf tactis. DV good micro and slick manips, so he would be a logical choice for taking the win, but the other players wonīt let him get it too easy i assume.

:USA::ne: Wrecktify
:Peru::ud: NoMercy2
:Poland::ne: Gradient
:Russia::ud: qwest

Eastern europe vs the Continent of America. Wreck will rush nomercy or gradient, while qwest and the other player will hoard and have at best skirmishes. Then wreck will enter the 3way with best hero lvls but least gold and ultimately lose bcuz of harras and macro stuff.

:Russia::orc: b100death
:Denmark::ud: Tleilaxu
:USA::ra: Persuade
:Russia::orc: Ostone

Who knows if pers and ostone show, if so very promising game with lots of good orc action. Laxe can finally test his necrowagon vs mass orcs. In the end hexastomp and orcish rapid attacks will come out on top, though.

:France::ne: Ponty
:USA::ra: SteppinRazor
:Russia::orc: Airenikus
:Russia::orc: mrSweets

kinda even match. Stepping showed a strong performance previous round and airenikus can much better than he could show so far in the current season. Sweets seems to have some nice tactical ideas and ponty is elf. Sooner or later bats or TC/caster/tauren will be too much for any elf army and we have another orc winner.

:Germany::hu: GEASS
:Finland::ne: j33.
:Bulgaria::hu: Leader
:Germany::ra: Slythe

Hopefully we can play with original cast. Only guy i played against is j33. Geass and Leader seem to be very good microer. So it should be a good, hard game.

:Switzerland::hu: noexxx
:Russia::orc: SecondBreathe
:USA::ra: foxfart66109
:Russia::ud: Jaody21

Jaod could try to attack noexx early and either damage him or get help when it doesnt work. Haven`t seen much of the other players so i go with Jaod, because noexxx wonīt be able to pull out another dominant victory w/o being teamed properly :P.

:USA::ud: Red7z7
:Denmark::hu: zTsoso
:Germany::orc: TheTrumanShow
:USA::ra: AlienWareOwnZ

Red needs to reach the 3way with either surviving smartly or surprising one of the others with an early push. Soso and Alien very experienced and all around strong players, so i definitly see one of them winning. Trumanshow showed good orc mechanics and micro, but might lack the experience in the mindgames and many tricky situations that can occur with only good players.

November 28, 2016, 05:26:55 PM
Re: S24 M38 ofc i confirm, just as leader, he wrote sth similar past days
December 07, 2016, 04:27:46 PM
Re: Season 24 Semifinal Round
FML really wanna prevent any German to become Champ. Weakud out due to dubios tiebreaker and Cumoīs only bonsai malus points and Geass overteamed by subs Renaud and Mog, so the preferred American can make it directly into finals instead plus again the cloudy Tiebreaker.

We need Judge Shave for a close revision of these events.

And i call ponty to his side, because same as Germany, France never was allowed to win enough to gain the title and even heavily punished with -points.

there are two germans in semifinals, you guys have a decent chance.

You are two Peruvians in one Semi, so the chance of a Peruvian going into the final and winning the belt is higher? :D

And i bet there played around 25 different Germans in the league, but only 2-3 Peruvians at best.

January 17, 2017, 09:05:16 AM
Re: Season 24 Semifinal Round
FML really wanna prevent any German to become Champ. Weakud out due to dubios tiebreaker and Cumoīs only bonsai malus points and Geass overteamed by subs Renaud and Mog, so the preferred American can make it directly into finals instead plus again the cloudy Tiebreaker.

We need Judge Shave for a close revision of these events.

And i call ponty to his side, because same as Germany, France never was allowed to win enough to gain the title and even heavily punished with -points.

You have quite the imagination!

Haha, Worp, the following joke comes into my mind ( hope the transaltion is correct):

A woman at the psychologist:

The psychologist: Do you suffer from delusional ideas?

The woman: No, i enjoy them.

And eeeeh, at the end of the season itīs often a bit boring, so i am trying to make something up (since i am not really into the mapmaking besides playing some of those), donīt nip things in the bud with your almighty admin behaviour ;-D.

January 17, 2017, 09:12:47 AM
Re: FINAL PREDICTION Some thoughts:


Will anyone be not able to read the clock? Acting like it? Will they agree on counter or clock? Do they go the save natural first or the side mines?

Usually for short games, but it can also happen that everyone hoards 3 mines and then it will get very complicated. Normally the guy that takes the initiative in 1n1 succeeds, when he can destroy atleast one mine before the fight starts.

The mana fountains favor ud & orc, while human can go a no AM combo, although mass TP can be extremly useful on the map, since some distanctes are very long, still itīs easier to prevent mass tp to be super good due to easy control of map with shades/wards/air units and closing bases.

The -33% item very good vs ud nuke, bolt & holy light, chim focus.

Fast infernal/ursa/Doomguard or buying those can give you an edge.

Middle creepjacks and tricky hydra camp can switch the momentum.

Warden, AOE strong on the map.

Many chokepoints.

Teaming sometimes hard to execute vs quick armies or mass tp, or to play against it.


Noe: very consistent player over the years. Could use a special Anti Ud Strat, forcing a 3way with 3 races, depending on aliens race. Standard hero combo, pally/alch/pb/blm riflemen or a pal/blm +mk/pal combo could work.

Alien: Whichever race he randomes or chose could make a difference. Orc could be dangerous bcuz of getting aggroed early or teamed later. Elf maybe good to overpower one ud early and then have good cards in the 3way. Human hard because the other players are very good vs human. Undead would be not bad, since he is good in mirror and 3 udīs will have an eye on the only human.

DV: Played different races successfully during the season and had plenty of close games. Interesting to see if he mixes it up in the final or sticks to standard heroes/ft. Dr and Pl could be a good alternate on that map with those races.

Qwest: Completes the tryhard quartet. Came back from very tough spots with having only very few buildings/units left. Very good ud mirror and good vs human. He and DV use similar ud playstyle.

I hope for some nice early action with a lot of mistakes and nerves but most likely it will be a very conservative affair. Will be interesting to see how the manip-part will go.

January 27, 2017, 09:26:47 AM
Re: M6 Result So, there will be a warning and not a point deduction anyway, eh?

Idc anyway about it, because if we get, the rule is wrongly interpreted in my eyes.

Qwest is right, that there is a huge difference between "pausing the game by a player, who starts to manip" or by one player and the others players, who are anyway coordinated teaming him already talking about a detail like we did, which we did not executed btw :D.

This kind of situation though can cause a bit more stress for the player, who used the pause, if he let it getting to his nerves, so i am sorry about that and apolgize to shave. I should not have answered to qwests request in order to maybe not let escalate a tricky game like that a bit more.

About the game in general:

I felt, like i did not bad in the first half, except only losing 3 units to my third creepcamp, which had no effect though. Killing qwestīs base that easy was a bit lucky, cuz i had no vision of him fighting jaod at that time.

I maybe was then a bit too confident and passive. Missing some opportunities to go 100/ trying to take out shaveīs rebuilded base. Then having my heroes and army split, which cost me a lot of momentum, after losing the 100 food fight in my main afterwards.

In the end it was a bit messed up with bad communication between shave and me. I did not answer his "stop or back" or what it exactly was and he ignored the fact i backed off and chased me. The teaming before was absolutely justified, since he had high heroes and big army.

Shave and i both missed it to save some workers.

Was overall a funny game. Shave did a nice comeback, but failed at securing the win with killing either of us in time. Qwest hustled well and just had to take the win  in the end which was presented by shave and me. Jaod did well in the 1v1, but lost ultimately due to little details.

May 08, 2017, 02:11:28 PM
Re: Round 2 - fight! M7
:USA::ud: SteppinRazor
:Russia::orc: KENT2566
:USA::ra: Eshan
:Russia::ud: SomethingWicked

Stepping seems to make quite often some "rookie" mistakes, which i cannot understand given his mass experience in ffa/fml. So he is often caught with his pants down or gets discouraged due to some maybe annoying ffa-mechanics.

Kent surprised me with his latest two games and with the power of Jubei he might pull an upset here.

Eshan is one of the most controversial players around due to his persistent, ugly style of manpulation. He seems totally reluctant in admitting it and even manips after games, insisting he did not manip at all and "he was right and you were wrong, blah bleh". Also blaming others for his loss is one of his strong qualities.
Due to his massive ffa experience and pretty tryhard style he still appears as the favourite here.

Although i see Somethingwicked not much behind Eshan considering the odds. He has a good mix of micro, ffa sense and an appeal to manips. Unfortunately he is UD and with two random players and 1 orc, it needs a good game plan. He has many ffa games i think, but not much FML experience. Look out for him being quite silent in a 4way, just to turn into a mad manip machine in the 3-way.

:Russia::ra: Reinforment-
:Germany::ra: Slythe
:Peru::hu: Zs.SuperCumulo
:Germany::ne: b2w.TrunkzZz

Reinforcement seems to lack the last will to play for the win in many of his games and is good at taking a small victory in winning a battle but missing to look at the big picture for winning the whole war. Gets caught in the moment of wanting to fight just for the sake of action, instead of being patient and waiting for the right moment.

Supercumulo is one of the best macroers and always has a lot of gold. I often lost against him due to endless amounts of gold and the happy humba race and i just hope Trunkz or Reinforcment gonna kill him for me, i will owe them.
Atleast he uses some unorthodox heroes  besides the backbone of his army in AM and Pally, which he always has. Later he likes to use completely nonsense manips to either unsettle his opponents or to his own entertainment, who knows.

And Trunkz with his unholy Demonhunter is the annoying elf with this superman hero, who makes u think how much fun it was to face this ridiculous hero in 1v1. Where he constantly harrases you, burns all ur precious mana, staffs out, when you think he finally dies and just comes back at full health, just to poke you again and again, until all the fun of playing is sucked out of you. Besides that i appreaciate the alternate style of him playing the elf race, although it gets boring when you play too often against him/this style. Atleast he mixes in some hero variations lately and undisclosed sources say he even built a chimera the other day. As it looks right now the map will be sanctuary, so look out for level 6 DH within 10 minutes, stacked with mask/Crown/double +12 claws. That would be perfect and a nice reason to team him out within the next 10 minutes.

:Russia::ne: Dinamo
:USA::ud: Audigy
:Sweden::orc: Fetta_ook
:USA::ne: Mog[skynet]

Looks like a promising, kinda even match to me.

Dinamo is a big name in ffa for the past year with much activity in ladder and fml. He is decent with all races, but imo elf is by far his best. He is able to do to usual Chippo Happiness, aswell as good unit-mixes. Lately he seems to lose some of his tryhard spirit and rather enjoy a good 1v1 to death, no matter what. Round 1 he had guys like Gradi or Ena, who probably plucked at his nerves and with Fetta he has another fella, who is expert in this.

Audigy showed a nice game in round1 in my opinion and just fell victim to a very lol and no honor double team by two friggin humans. His style seems rather predictable and with creeping faster and good observation of his surrounding hostile nature he might be able to get a win, if he does not fell victim to mass chims /aoe.

Then we have fetta_ook or just fat_K.O., who tends to knock himself out of the winning column with either pissing people off constantly, who start to want nothing more than just make him lose or with ridiculous (bad)micro moves, which result in him losing units/heroes, the fight in the process, his main in the further process. BUT this gives him room to activate his inner DagobertDuck/SimCity_architect/HeidiKlum morphling, with hoarding mass gold/building huge bases/talking nonstop. Thanks to orc race and his healthy denial of defeat he can dig deep and maybe squeeze out another miracle win to prove the ffa-gods wrong.

Then we have Mog, who found himself in trouble in round1 early due to the humanweakness early/mid, especially vs undead. All the maps of round 2 are quite good for human, but maybe also for his original race, the almighty trehugging alliance. If he enters the game sharp the odds are nice for him, but the constallation of the players makes it a tricky task.

:Germany::orc: Ena1337
:Australia::orc: Sweet
:Germany::ra: SosoHasRedHair
:Germany::ra: WeakUD

Almost German only and a very lol cast. Can we really say that Shave is considered the best FFA player in a fml cast? Iīd say yes.
Also it is the unofficial match to determine the best German Minidota Player of all time.

Ena seems to found some more motivation in playing ffa, creating content and understanding the whole thing a little bit better. He had a decent first round game, where he mostly came short due to double Elf cheese. If he does not pull some shitty teaming action with weakud again (like in the game vs observeandlearn past season) and plays again rather tryhard to win even vs some german wc3 buddies in shave and weakud he has a shot.

Sweet, the only Australian wc3 player i have ever heard of, besides Philbot, showed in round1 that he seems to have some good understanding whatīs going on in the game. He needs to use his infmormations and hunches more to his advantage. Then i can see him doing very well in this probably tumultous game. A cool head will be needed.

Shave often ends up in a good position to win but somehow often finds a way to lose games which many other players would win. His arsenal is not anymore just the aggressive way trying to overwhelm someone with brute force, but also mixing in some necessary hoarding time, decent understanding of manipulation and patience. He could use some chill pills in late stage ffa, but this round 2 game is a perfect practice for that, i guess.

WeakUd recently did not seem to be very active, atleast ffa-wise. He is always good for some nice micro action, but needs to refine his all around ffa skills in order to become equally successful as other stronger micro players before him. He is dangerous due to his "i donīt give a damn" attitude, because he seemingly feels superior to the classic ffa-players.

:Poland::ne: Gradient
:Switzerland::hu: Noexxx
:Russia::ud: Pyatac
:USA::ne: Wrecktify

Clash of Styles and races in this one.

Gradient is a very consistent player who sticks to his unique style. His base is hard to break and he has a good way to gain advantage in 1v1. Sometimes he lacks scouting and knowing who is strongest at the given moment and looks a bit stubborn in his 1v1īs. He is a quick creeper, but remains vulnerable early game, but since you donīt want an angry Gradi on your heels, itīs not a good idea to test him.

Noexx is a very consistent human player, who appears as less active these days, which imo was displayed in his first round game. But even with a lot of bad moments to overcome, also in games of previous seasons, he finds a way with a very tryhard attitude & the many strenghts of the human race to win a lot of games.

Pyatac/Jaod still has one of longest winstreaks in fml, i guess and is a Ud powerhouse. He needs to control his emotions in order to get a win in this hard game with two fml champions. Maybe he can thrive in a 3-way with noexx and wreck, but weīll see. Itīs always tricky as ud, especially vs elf and human imo. Do you attack the human early, trying to avoid the immense power that high level heroes and a fully teched base provide or do you try to overwhelm the elf, who also gains superpowers with a big base and a roared perfect chippo army. He needs to take his shots wisely.

Wrecktify was invisible for a last months and you never know which version shows up. He knows almost every trick in the book and on a good day he presents trouble for every ffaer.

:Russia::ud: Qwest
:Denmark::ud: Tleilaxu
:Canada::ne: Renaud
:Sweden::ra: Junkerzam

Qwest the favourite here, but Renaud or one of the others could sneak a win for sure.

Qwest had a really strong game last final and almost overcome hard teaming and also used all his experience and skills for a win in round 1. He is not the most consistent players, but he is an exceptionally strong ud early and midgame. If he is dragged to the later stages of the game, there are ways to break his very calculated routine play with only few (micro)mistakes.

Tleilaxu got a win in round1 despite playing basically not at all atm, afaik. He won his 1v1 and then got a freewin due to suiciding players. I doubt he will be as lucky this time. He wonīt be able to beat Qwest or Junkerzam early and Renaud will be aware of a possible rush and is way harder to finish than Tleilaxu could handle.

Renaud pulled a nice comeback win in round1 after he dominated at first and then got teamed and almost was out, before he could play his role in the 3-way. Maybe his "i cannot micro properly" wonīt work this time and he should try to lose his heroes more often or miss bofīs like Fat_K.O. misses his stomps to be more authentic.
He has a lot of high lvl FFA games and very wise decision making. He needs to stay out of trouble early and maybe rebuild at one point to get his chance in the lategame.

Junkerzam, or how i like to call him Bonkerzam, because he likes to rage and "manip" in a weird and crazy way in game, aswell as making rather dumb decisions, which cost him many games. I cannot remember a good game seen by him in a long time. Usually his micro is on point when he plays ud or elf, but when he faces superior micro players even this advantage is gone. He is capable of rushing out or killing early tleilaxu or Renaud, and if he does, either way it will be a nasty 3way with Qwest. I doubt that the Bonkerzam could win in such scenario, but maybe he can change his whacky style in a different, more successful one.

May 12, 2017, 04:30:05 PM
Re: S25 M8 iīll confirm this.

Map: Sanctuary

May 18, 2017, 06:29:40 PM
Re: S25 M17 i can play

wed: all day

thu-sun: n/a

week 2:

mo: not sure yet
tue-wed: all day
thu: not sure yet
fr-sat: n/a
sun: not sure yet

May 30, 2017, 04:18:02 PM
Re: S25 M17 it fits my schedule so i confirm...

fastest scheduling ever? :D

May 30, 2017, 08:12:41 PM