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Re: New Site Features! Great enhancements.
November 23, 2016, 02:45:10 PM
Re: M26 Result @ZsSuperCumulo
Even though i've seen the dark side of cumulo's internet personality i have to say this was an extremely enjoyable cast to listen to. For a couple of reasons.

Upbeat and animated. Was energetic and got me engaged throughout the whole cast. no dead air, no nothing. just insightful cumulo spitting truth about the game in a enthusiastic fashion. You know an undead brotha love them "orc extremely broken race" facts laid down for the unknowing.

So yeah knowledgeable and attendant to the important stuff happening in the game.
From a player's perspective i enjoyed the fact that he was very spot on with where he was looking so good observer skills as well. Didnt miss an important battle, kept track of items, gold count, hero levels, good stuff.

So yeah, just dropped by to say good job, mate. keep up the good work and them casts coming.

P.S when it comes to people's casts who i love listening to i gotta mention @Wrecktify.that muthatfucka got style.

November 24, 2016, 03:07:53 AM
Re: S24 Round 4: The Bloody Road Ahead The Matches
:Bulgaria::ud: ObserveAndLearn
:Finland::ra: Rain
:USA::ne: Redkeekee
:Poland::ne: Gradient

gl hf fellas.

:Peru::hu: Zs.SuperCumulo
:USA::ne: Wrecktify
:Germany::hu: GEASS
:Sweden::orc: Fetta_ook

hmm..... what a fucking match. the most stacked match this season yet. it's gonna be hard for god wrecktify (definitely the most entertaining player to watch for me personally) on small maps having to deal with a smart orc and two excellent human players with awesome micro and decision making in the likes of GEASS and the peruvian incan-god-resembling sexy hunk SuperCumulo. Still though GEASS the german war machine has always been my pick, guy can play, so i gotta go with him.

:USA::ne: Mog[skynet]
:Germany::hu: QQs
:USA::ra: AlienWareOwnZ
:Russia::ud: Jaody21

What a great match.  think it would be a close 3-way between mog, jaody21 and Alien- . still my money is on the undead brotha.

:Germany::orc: Pinballmap
:Russia::orc: SecondBreathe
:Denmark::hu: zTsoso
:Germany::ra: Slythe

Sly is crazy with the hero combos and you gotta love that. But zTsoso's play is just god damn impressive in my eyes.

:USA::ra: Eshan
:Germany::orc: TheTrumanShow
:Finland::ne: j33.
:Russia::hu: AJIKAIII

Eshan is smart, resilient and flexible. Although alkash and thetrumanshow are great players i think in the end it would boil down to eshan vs j33. and eshan would win because maps are smaller. On the other hand thetrumanshow might have a chance if he stacks 5 or 6 mantles of intelligence on his blademaster.

:Russia::ne: Dinamo
:USA::ra: Persuade
:Bulgaria::ud: XoZ_Magadansky
:Switzerland::hu: noexxx

Ah can't help it but root for a fellow countrymen and an undead brotha. But then again it's a pretty good bet. On another note though -
It's Dinamo's time to shine. It will be hard versus the american teamers from bulgaria, switzerland and usa. But remember this
If you had, one shot, or one opportunity? To seize everything you ever wanted. In one moment. Would you capture it, or just let it slip?
I want you to go mom's spaghetti on these motherfuckers and make the most interesting match of the century.

:Germany::ra: WeAkUD
:USA::ud: Red7z7
:Russia::ud: qwest
:USA::ud: WorpeX

my heart wants red to win but my money on this one is on qwest who is still an undead brotha so it's great.

:Russia::orc: b100death
:USA::ra: SteppinRazor
:Canada::ne: Renaud
:Sweden::ra: Junkerzam

Looking forward to this game, excellent players all around.. Still my money is on b100death. He has an aggressive creep pattern and can hexastomp your mother till you get a sibling.

:Denmark::ud: Tleilaxu
:Kazakhstan::ud: DV-
:Peru::ud: NoMercy2
:Serbia::ne: svedirko

hmm, svedirko is one hell of a motherfucker and if he wasn't facing DV- i would put my money on him. the other two don't excite me very much.probably nomercy will hoard until there is no gold or wood left on the map while crying "help" and tlailaxi will be cyber-fucking everybody's mother and wishing cancer to all of us. Because you know.. That's how this internet bad boy rolls.

December 12, 2016, 06:33:51 PM
Re: Feedback for Map Contest Maps didn't really enjoy greenville wood for the following reasons

- wood is scarce around the main base which i've never been very fond of.
- creeps were kind of weird to me even though i REALLY ENJOYED  the item drop (no, really, props to the mapmaker)
- middle yellow creeps 12 and 6 oclock attack you randomly and are just placed weirdly.
- may be adding a tavern per main would be best (something like fountain of manipulation) and adding some really cool creeps middle to guard a marketplace (not a fountain to avoid being a "fountain of manipulation" copy). Just an idea... might be worth looking into.
-Also expos at 3,6,9 and 12 seem a little too wide open. May be some additional doodads will make it a little better.
-I'm also a fan for 4 player maps to be a little bigger overall. But that might be just me so take my opinion with a grain of salt on this one.

+ i do appreciate the item drop
+ i do appreciate the positioning of the shredder market or however the fuck it's called.
+ some of the creeps are actually good, eg. the ones at natural and shredder market and shops.
+ the overall design is not bad at all.

Just my 2 cents. i aint no expert neither at map making nor warcraft.

January 06, 2017, 03:51:33 AM
Re: Tod talking about Magadansky here? i assume he's referring to LexBG or MJLubber who are considered to be very high level uds currently but they were never close to Insomnia.

could be a number of other players though - 420, Shocker, 3wD.Star. I think even kunev and ZeeRaX used to play undead in 2v2s with insomnia.

it's not maga since maga played elf/ud as 3wd.simo, not hu/ud.

PS : reinforcement is not bulgarian.
PS2 : i'm friends with ToD from a few sc2 tournaments we attended together so i'll ask him when i get the time to.


June 13, 2017, 07:02:14 PM
Re: Final round games! :USA::ne: Mog[skynet]
:Germany::ra: WeakUD
:Switzerland::hu: Noexxx
:Russia::orc: KENT2566

My man noexxx will be delivering cosmic justice by bashing the noobs with his holy hammer and noob abuse of mass teleport. He even might go orc and have unprotected sex with everyone's mothers by harrassing their expos with level 3 spirit wolves with spirit link. Mog being my second pick, guy's great, i think he went the wrong way with switching to human, he did really well already as elf, no need to try and abuse the imba. His tinker play makes pussies wet within 30 yards radius of the initial ip where the tinker was first selected.

:Sweden::orc: Fetta_ook
:Germany::ra: Slythe
:Australia::ne: Sweet
:USA::ud: SteppinRazor

Sly is gonna go POLSKA RANDOM HEROES type of style and is going to wreck havoc and be challenged only by steppinrazor who is going to leave with 27k because he doesn't have a chance according to his beliefs.

:Poland::ne: Gradient
:Canada::ne: Renaud
:Russia::ud: SomethingWicked
:USA::ud: Audigy

This one's gonna be great.
Gradient 2.0 comes impruvd.
1. gud tim
2. gud inglish
3. gud mikro
4. gud skaut

Lookout for this hidden beast.
I'm always a fan of renaud so i'm looking forward to the panda/potm/kotg (best combo imho).
Somethingwicked and Audigy are my undead brothas and i love em for that. Cant wait to see some necro action.
Still i gotta go with Renaud on this one.

:Peru::hu: Zs.SuperCumulo
:USA::ra: Eshan
:Denmark::ud: Tleilaxu
:Russia::ud: Pyatac

Eshan has been tearing it up lately so i'll go with him. On the other hand a mountain goat will probably chew cumulo's ethernet cable so it's curtains for him anyway. Back to selling umbrellas i guess. It hurts my soul to not bet for my ud brotha Jaod who's a monster but i'll do it just for one reason - i want to motivate him to play more.

:Sweden::ra: Junkerzam
:Germany::ra: SosoHasRedHair
:Russia::ne: Dinamo
:Germany::ne: b2w.TrunkzZz

Shave #1. But from bottom to top.  I think junkerz takes it. Trunkzz is gonna equip his dh with the best items in the game and scream at everyone they're lucky for item drops and will probably get teamed to death if others are smart.
I hope dinamo scouts as much as possible and doesn't tunnel-vision much. He's won much tougher ffas.

:USA::ne: Wrecktify
:Russia::ud: Qwest
:Germany::orc: Ena1337
:Russia::ra: Reinforment-

Look... there are more important things than wc3. I'm organizing a charity for a new face for ena. Please if you wish to donate for a face-transplant for ena (this time with HAIR!!) you can send me a P.M. After we give him a nice, non-nicholas-cage face, he can continue to be our favorite tome of experience in fml games.
On the other hand all the other players are actually good with wreck and qwest battling it out for the first place. Of course you know my money is on the god himself, Wrecktify. He will rise to the occasion and manage to overcome the amerikan timers with slick moves, funny chat, sexy decision-making and a 100% abuse of the elf race.

June 14, 2017, 10:27:07 AM
Re: FML Season 27 | Sign up! ObserveAndLearn aka jOeybadaSs_
Bulgaria  :Bulgaria: :Bulgaria: :Bulgaria:
Brodead  :ud:

February 19, 2018, 05:19:03 AM
Re: Warcraft 3 Patch 1.29 dreadlord fucking carrion swarm can now target mechanical units ?

 :icon_cool: :ud:

are you fucking kidding me ? end of an era of tank terror.  :icon_twisted:

tranquility makes kotg invulnerable ? :P :P
alchemist and tinker more beast than ever in ffa?

February 21, 2018, 06:36:57 PM
Re: Warcraft 3 Patch 1.29 I hope they make the most important change in wc3 history :

Fixed a bug where while watching a replay buildings would still appear on the minimap after being destroyed.

February 21, 2018, 07:16:30 PM
Re: Beginners FML FFA Guide 4v4 RT is the hardest mode. you've got 3 noobs dragging you down vs 4 opponents.

March 02, 2018, 08:45:48 AM