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Re: S24 Round 3 Matches Round 3 Matches:
:Bulgaria::ud: ObserveAndLearn
:Germany::orc: ena1337
:Sweden::ra: Junkerzam
:Germany::ra: WeAkUD

Junker will make sure that he gets to tome ena first while observeandlearn + weakUD suicide.

:Peru::hu: Zs.SuperCumulo
:USA::ne: Mog[skynet]
:Ukraine::orc: Nline
:Russia::ne: Nightelf

Everybody loves Mog. He's nice, cool and smart. He will take this. Nline will be teamed out, cumulo will be caught hoarding and manipulating like the crazy tryhard he is. Nightelf might take a sneaky win if he somehow comes on top of his 1on1.

:Germany::orc: Pinballmap
:Sweden::orc: Fetta_ook
:Finland::ra: Rain
:Russia::hu: AjikaIII

Ajikaiii will win if he isn't facing Rain in initial 1on1. I don't see fetta or Pinballmap have much chances in 1on1 vs aji or Rain.. But then again ... ORC!! hex stomp imbalance.

:Finland::ra: aarnikratti
:USA::ud: ashalar
:Bulgaria::ud: XoZ_Magadansky
:Canada::ne: Renaud

Time to shine for the magavampsky.

:USA::ra: Eshan
:Russia::ud: KENT2566
:Serbia::ne: svedirko
:Russia::ne: Dinamo

Puppet master Eshan will take another underdog win here! Mb Dinamo has learned from playing vs Eshan in the past and see through his manip - we'll see.

:Germany::orc: letshavesomefun
:Kazakhstan::ud: DV-
:Germany::hu: QQs
:USA::ne: Redkeekee

DV #1. Why is Shave still in FML? Thought he lost his two games with 4th place like a noob :-). Anyway I think Shave could be close to make a break through in FML. He is playing serious and is more focused than ever.

:USA::ne: Wrecktify
:Peru::ud: NoMercy2
:Poland::ne: Gradient
:Russia::ud: qwest

Gradient is the true underdog of this game and will likely stay alive long enough to flourish. Wrecktify, nomercy and qwest will try balance each other out and as a result gradient will win the building race.

:Russia::orc: b100death
:Denmark::ud: Tleilaxu
:USA::ra: Persuade
:Russia::orc: Ostone

Ostone and Persuade will not show up and b100 rapes laxu.

:France::ne: Ponty
:USA::ra: SteppinRazor
:Russia::orc: Airenikus
:Russia::orc: mrSweets

This is razor's game I feel it. He is cunning and knows how to take advantage of players like this.

:Germany::hu: GEASS
:Finland::ne: j33.
:Bulgaria::hu: Leader
:Germany::ra: Slythe

j33 is one of the smartest players in FML no doubt. Geass is one of the stronger fighters in FML who continue to improve and is learning the arts of manipulation, but he still lacks in the decision making apartment when 3-way starts. This is of course the most complicated aspect of FFA that few (if any) master truly. j33 would be one of those.

:Switzerland::hu: noexxx
:Russia::orc: SecondBreathe
:USA::ra: foxfart66109
:Russia::ud: Jaody21

Another win for Noexxx. I hate to predict it, but jaod isn't comfortable with hu in late game, and despite improving rapidly, he is no match for Noexxx.

:USA::ud: Red7z7
:Denmark::hu: zTsoso
:Germany::orc: TheTrumanShow
:USA::ra: AlienWareOwnZ

gl, hf.

November 28, 2016, 10:27:47 AM
Re: M51 Result The most important point is that cumulo's unpause did not have any effect on the game. I believe it is important that admins can "forgive" players in some cases like this where the rules are not updated and the violation did not really have any effect on the game. A minor incident that is only worsened by the fact that Cumulo has done the same thing in the past.

Of course unpausing is not acceptable and should be prevented in any case, but sometimes it should actually be acceptable to do so. Say if Eshan paused and started manipulating to save himself. Then it would from my point of view be legitimate to unpause for Cumulo. However, Cumulo's actions cannot be defended on these grounds here since Eshan had not even started to chat or manip. So there is really no defending this.

If Cumulo's unpausing had an effect on the game, like causing Eshan to lose or something along these lines, it would be legitimate to ruin his semi final chances. But in this case I think we should allow him the chance to advance and move on to think about how we can prevent "abuse" in the future.

January 09, 2017, 01:01:19 PM
Re: M53 Result or just play human ?
January 15, 2017, 07:21:42 PM
Re: S24 Community Feedback I liked the score system and everything. I can see Mog's point about the 4th place score being close to 2nd and 3rd, but we didn't really have any suicides that I can think of because of the point system. And it was still a blow to finish 4th. In general the score system has been a succes.. The games have also been short and enjoyable to watch compared to previous seasons, and action is rewarded.

The only issue I had was the match making system.

With so many players in the system it was not ideal imo. It would be much more interesting to play with winners. Say if u win a match you are matched with other winners like we did in a previous seasons. We could make the same principle for top score finishers who could be matched vs other top score finishers.

In those cases we could award the winners of a winners' match. Like give them +10 points. Top score finishers could get +5 points or something like that. I think this would be fair considering that it is harder to win consistently in a winners round or a top score round.

That way we can match strong fighters with strong fighters and winners with winners to make the games more competitive and encourage action. In 4 out of 5 of my games this season it was 3-way after 10 minute mark and teaming started straight after. It gets boring because if 3 players are decent and 1 is not very good then it is like 3-way from start. Sometimes somebody gets a free tome of experience because of spawns... I find these games boring and repetitive.

Anyway this is just a suggestion. The goal for me is to match strong players / winners with each other to make it more competitive, equal in terms of skill and fun to play.

January 30, 2017, 07:27:58 PM
Re: Team Battle Royale - Applications - Discord name and id: zTsoso - ID: #9051
- Country / Timezone: Denmark (CET)
- Preferred races: Human / random -> I like all races in FFA
- Want to be a captain? Yes / No: Yes

- If you want to be a captain, provide a brief explanation why you would make a good captain:

I know the community and players very well and play inhouse games several times a week. I get a long with most of the players here and share a mutual respect for most.

As a captain: I prefer to take lead with minimal chat involved because I think it is better if teammates learn to analyze/reflect on their decision making, but will always take the role of a guide and make plans/strategies before the game starts.

While I enjoy m being in control, I prefer to play with teammates who can analyze what to do and make lead-suggestions themselves and object if they disagree. I stay open minded, patient and positive to the best of my ability.

Any other information that might be useful to a captain who wants to draft you:

I'm only as good as my team! So be mindful about the synergy of playstyles and personalities in your collection. I prefer to play with players who analyze the game the same way I do.

February 04, 2017, 10:33:12 AM
Re: Communication Pause This is a step backwards:

1) A minority (if any) actually want this to happen.

2) It ruins the flow of the game if one can pause and use that to manipulate. FFA is supposed to be fast paced where one has to both chat, micro and macro at the same time. Its not a contest for players that chat and manip into victory.

3) If one player can pause for 10 mins and do that 3x times just to piss people off it can't be punished.

4) The games may get boring and long.

Instead of making this new rule it would be much better to punish unpausers and there would not be a problem.

February 28, 2017, 04:51:03 AM
Re: M11 Result @Mog[skynet] do you really expect Cumulo to make a GIF where USA players beat up each other?  :icon_neutral: :icon_question:
May 28, 2017, 06:43:26 AM
Re: New Admin: Mog[skynet] american favoritism!
May 30, 2017, 01:04:17 PM
Re: Final round games!
Cmon Mog - stop it Bro )) rly !

I ask him about stream his game - he just ignore me ))

Just making jokes jaod! I know sarcasm is sometimes hard to understand online especially when it isn't a first language

Yes indeed Jaod! Mog is making fun of you. Go suicide him in FML next game )

By the way, why is Cumulo obsessed with Streetfighter?

June 14, 2017, 11:07:03 AM
Re: FML Season 26 News + Applications Sergio = Alien
October 02, 2017, 10:13:19 AM