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Title: Forming team for 4v4 tournament
Post by: Dovekie on January 27, 2018, 03:51:14 PM
If you want to win, I am forming a team. Now the type of people I am looking for are the upper echelon of FFA players who are also capable solo players—talking 180-250+ apm players with micro in early game and late game situations, who are capable of adapting when shit hits the fan. Preferred strong experience with at least 2 races.

I have experience in solo, FFA, & a ton in both 4's RT and 4's AT. Here are my last 3 accounts doing 4v4 RT during Christmas break.
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If winning the tournament sounds like something you are interested in and would be dedicated in trying to do, and you are one of the type of players I outlined, then let me know.  Because of the prize pool, there will probably be at least a strong team or 2, probably from Europe, comprised of solo players who are better than any of you at the game—this is why I need some big (FFA) names if we are going to beat them, who understand late game and early game situations alike, and are willing to cheese the hell out of people if needed. If the right team is formed and the desire is there, winning will be the only option.

Having a mic to communicate in discord is a must.
Title: Re: Forming team for 4v4 tournament
Post by: ZsSuperCumulo on January 27, 2018, 08:35:12 PM
LOL DOVEKI I think I can worl with you. Let's chat on discord