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24 Jul 2011 - FML Rule Book

1.00 League Information

1.10 Introduction

The FFA Masters League has been designed to help support FFA as an official Warcraft 3 Game type and encourage competition between players .

1.20 Definitions

• FML - FFA Masters League
• Map – A virtual battlefield where players compete.
• Score – Points awarded to a player for their placement in each FFA game. (Winner: 20 Points, 2nd: 12, 3rd: 12, 4th: 10) with an additional 2 points awarded to the player with the top score, winner or not.
• Match – One FFA game.

1.30 Map Selections

FML will choose the first map being played in a game before each week, all maps will be strictly from the map pool.

1.40 Legal and platform requirement

• All players must own a legal copy of Wacraft 3 "Reign of Chaos" and the expansion "The Frozen Throne". If you do not have one, you can buy a key from a keyshop, purchase the game online through battle.net or though a local retailer.
• All players must have access to War 3 Arena platform (http://tft.w3arena.net/). This is the platform that official games will be played on.

2.00 Player rules

Players are responsible for ensuring that they know, understand, and follow all rules.

2.10 Replays

Replays are required for every match played. If there is no admin present - the winner must save the replay and submit it first thing after the match to admin@ffamasters.net.

2.20 Replay Format

Replays have to be saved as:
FML_M#_Player1_Player2_Player3_Player4 where M# is the games corresponding match-number.

3.00 Match Information

3.10 Scoring

Each player will score points depending on the place he/she placed in the matches. First place will be determined by if you are the last man standing. 2nd, 3rd and 4th are placed by match score.

1st place will earn you 20 points, 2nd place will earn you 12 points, 3rd place will get 12 points and last place has 10. The winner of each match is responsible for submitting the placings of all 4 players of the match to admin@ffamasters.net if there is no admin present.

3.10b Bonus Points

A +2 bonus point will be given to the player who scored the highest in a match, regardless if he or she won the match.

3.10c Tie Breakers

Tie breaking occurs in the following order. If 1 doesn't break the tie, then apply 2, and so on.

  • If tie-breaker points are used in the season, those apply first.
  • If one of the players missed a game without notifying ahead of time (and the other player didn't), then that player is behind.
  • If one player directly beat the other, he is ahead.
  • Calculate a primary tie-break score. For a player, sum together all the points of the players that he beat (from games won). If a player beat a sub, then estimate that sub's total score by finding their average points per game (for example if that player subbed one game and got 10 points, and this is a 4th round tie-break we assume that sub would have 40 points). This also applies to players eliminated in earlier rounds.
  • Calculate a secondary tie-break score. Similar to (4) except include all players, not just players that were beaten.
  • Flip of a coin.

3.20a Scheduling

All players must schedule their match and have proof that the match had been agreed on. Scheduling topics on the FFA Masters League site will be created. If scheduling is done in these topics no proof is required to be saved.

If scheduling is done outside the site (Discord, Cbox, Email, Skype, etc) a screenshot of time conformation from every player is required in-case any dilemma's occur.

3.20b Delay of Match

The first map must begin within 10 minutes of the agreed start time. A player who does not show up at this time will forfeit the match unless his opponents are willing to reschedule. Opponents that do not show must be reported to a league admin immediately.

If a player requests additional time past 10 minutes, the other players in the match must agree. If this is the case, no penalty points will be given. If a player fails to show for a match he will receive no points for it and will be subbed as per rule 3.20c.

3.20c Players not showing for match

If any player fails to show up at the agreed start time within 10 minutes, the game will still be played with the remaining players. You may be substituted with another player or a computer set on any difficulty setting. Replacement player guidelines can be found under rule 3.30d.

3.20d Players not showing for a match multiple times

If any player fails to show up at the agreed times within 10 minutes in 2 different instances in the same season, admins will have the right to kick the player from the current season and find a suitable replacement. The player will then be removed from the current season and be barred from the following season as well.

3.20e Failure to Schedule

If a player fails to contact his opponents or admins for scheduling after 48 hours time, that player forfeits his right to schedule for that match. The other players in the match are then free to schedule without this player and a replacement player may be found. No points will be awarded to the forfeiting player if a sub is chosen. If a player fails to schedule for two consecutive rounds without contacting the admins, they will be removed from the current season, and barred from the next season as well.

3.30a Player chosen replacement

If in any instance a player knows beforehand that they will not be able to make a specified match ahead of time, they may choose to have a certain player of their choosing to replace them in that certain match, with an admin's approval of the player chosen. The player is then not subject to rule 3.20d and will not be considered a failure to show. In addition, that player will receive the minimum points for the match.

3.30b Player chosen replacement limit

A player may only use the instance of rule 3.30a 2 times in a single season, any more they will not be eligible to compete in the playoffs. This will not, however, effect their eligibility to auto-qualify for the next season.

3.30c Replacement Scoring

Ten (10) points will be given to the player who is being replaced. Points will not be awarded based upon how his or her replacement does in the match.

3.30d Substitutes

If a player fails to show on time, the choice of the substitute player belongs to the admin team who will base it on the following criteria : race / skill / availability. Admins will try to vary the subs from one game to the other.
Each player has the right to contest one sub by private messaging the admin present in the lobby. The reason for the protest must be explained and approved by admins.

3.40 Pausing Match

3.40a Limits

Pausing the match is allowed in consideration with the 3 timeouts per player limit. However, abuse of this system is considered unsportsmanlike and will have consequences.

3.40b Duration

A player is allowed to pause the game for up to 10 minutes (total across their 3 allowed pauses). After 10 minutes the other players can choose to resume the game at their own discretion without penalty.

3.40c Unpausing

When unpausing, players must get verbal indication from each other player that they are ready to resume, with the exception of players that have been away for over 10 minutes as per 3.40b.

If a game is unpaused without verbal indication from any player a penalty of -10 points will be fined. This fine may be waved if the player who was not ready and an admin both agree that it did not affect the match.

3.40d Pause Manipulation

If the game is paused there is to be no discussion about the game currently in progress from any players. This includes any forms of manipulation as well as general discussion about the match. Discussion about anything outside from the match is allowed.

Players will receive a warning for the first offense. This warning can be given by anyone. Anything past the warning will be a deduction of -10 points per game.

3.50 Observers

3.50a Settings

Full Observers is set to ON for every match

3.50b Removing Observers

Only an admin may decide to remove an observer.  This may include, but is not limited to: excessive ping/lag, interfering with the organization of the game, refusing to comply with the streaming policy and spamming chat.

It is a player's right to request a specific observer be removed if they are uncomfortable with their presence. If this is the case, an admin must be notified and they will determine if he/she will be removed.  There is no guarantee that said player will be removed and it is up to the discretion of the admin in charge of the match

3.50c Use of !Check

Only FML administrators are allowed to use the !Check command to discuss with the players of the game. Use of the command by a non-FML admin is grounds for immediate ejection from the match. Continued use of the command over multiple games may get the observer banned from observing future matches.

If the !Check command is used to give players information that may impact the game in-progress the person using the command may be given harsher penalties including removal from the league. This is considered a case-by-case scenario.

4.00 Policy

4.10 Account Security

Players should not give out their account information. In the event that either a player or league admin feels that an account’s security has been compromised, that account will be banned from FML competition and a new account must be registered with FML and Garena/or B.net.

4.20 Streaming Policy

Observer streamers are required to enforce a minimum of 15 minute of delay onto their streamed FML games. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate ejection from an FML match. Player streamers do not need to apply a delay to their stream.

Any player who is found stream hacking will be treated as if they are cheating and rule 6.30a will take affect.

4.30 Account Policy

At the beginning of each FML season and tournament, players will be asked to register all of their account identities (to a maximum of 5) which they will use during the entire event. These identities include all realms and servers including, but not limited to, Battle.net and Garena. If any player is caught playing in the event on an unregistered account they will be subjected to a penalty point reduction.

5.00 Servers

5.10 Server Assignments

All matches will be played on war 3 arena (http://tft.w3arena.net/), unless differently agreed by all players.

5.20 Server Crashes

If the w3arena server goes down, the match is to be played on Battle.net. If there is a problem with playing on Battle.net players must report to admin@ffamasters.net and report that they were unable to play the match. The match will than be postponed.

5.30 Disconnects (map crashes)

In the event that a player or host disconnects before the fifth minute of a map, the map is to be restarted with the same settings (map and player’s races). Beginning at the 5:00 minute mark any player who disconnects during a match will receive a forfeit loss unless the remaining players agree to replay it.

6.00 Gameplay

6.10 Options

The Game play setting is set to FAST
Visibility is set to DEFAULT
Handicap is set to 100%
Random Races is set to OFF
Random Heroes is set to OFF
Lock Teams is set to ON
Full Shared Unit Control is set to OFF
Full Observers is set to ON (Players may not refuse Observers)
Referees must be set to OFF
Any player color may be selected

6.20a Restrictions

There will be NO restrictions on game play or races. There will be no “buffer time” to allow players to build up and then attack - rushes are allowed.

Delaying the match in a situation where victory is unachievable using any method is considered unsportsmanlike. Players that persist in this behavior after receiving multiple warnings from a league official will be penalized.

6.20b Change of Colors

If two players or an admin ask you to change your color, you must change it. Refusal to change your color may result in being subbed or the deduction of 10 points. An admin may overturn two players asking a player to change their color.

6.30a Cheating

There will be no tolerance of cheating. If a player is found cheating, they will be immediately banned from the league.

6.30b Account abuse

Players may not intentionally or unintentionally give out their account information to other players. The person who creates a player account for FML use is considered to own that account and should be the sole player using that account.

If a player is found having another player playing on his account during an event, that is grounds for immediate ejection from the league.

6.30c Multi-Accounting

If a player is found with multiple accounts in FML, both will be immediately removed from the league.

6.30d Private Chat

Private Chat is not allowed in FML games. Usage of Private chat can incur a -10 point penalty for both players. Multiple offenses are grounds for removal from the league.

Players are asked to save a copy of their replay for dispute purposes. If an admin asks a player for their copy, they are expected to provide it within a reasonable amount of time or else a point penalty may be deducted.

6.40 Feeding

Feeding is not allowed in the FML league. Feeding can be considered as a player with no chance of winning a game giving either Items or large amounts of Experience to any other player in the game in hopes to give that player a better chance at winning.

A minimum of -10 points will be deducted for each offense. This penalty can be larger depending on the severity.

6.50 Unsportsmanlike Conduct

In order to secure a well regulated and pleasant course of game, it is inevitable that all players act in a sportsmanlike and fair way. This may include, but is not limited to:  Spamming during a game, kicking players from the server or match, not playing for the win, artificially inflating end-game score or faking an account without revealing yourself. Breach of this rule can include penalty points or removal from the league and is considered on a case-by-case bases.

7.00 Disputes

7.10 Reporting Dispute

If you believe one or your opponents was cheating or guilty of some form of rule abuse – you must report a dispute within 48 hours of the match. An admin will request the replay and screenshots needed.

7.20 Dispute Channels

Disputes must be filed through the website, or via email to admin@ffamasters.net.

8.00 Changes

The FML reserves the right to modify the rules as needed. This includes changes due to software updates or releases, competition committee decisions and all other changes deemed necessary to the league. Players should check the rules on a regular basis and prior to every match to ensure they are in complete compliance. Teams must understand that the rules listed are guidelines that FML will use to try and ensure fair and competitive play and are subject to interpretation by the FML admins based on the spirit of the rule and game. :icon_mrgreen:

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Season 6 B: Plush
Season 7 B: Louis
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Ladder 2013: Seksi
KoFFA I: Renaud
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KoFFA III: zTsoso
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FFL: MattiasG
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