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TBR2 Begins! - [Today at 07:54:00 PM]

Season 25 Finals recap - [July 11, 2017, 02:47:22 PM]

S25 Final Result - [July 06, 2017, 07:08:04 AM]

S25 Grand Finals - [July 05, 2017, 01:49:14 PM]
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Today at 03:25 PM - TBR2 Begins!


Welcome to the start of the second Team Battle Royale! Thank you all for patiently waiting for the application period to end. This time around we are introducing a number of changes, which I'll get to in more detail in just a moment, but for starters, this time we will have 5 captains drafting teams of 8 players each.


Please welcome your new captain overlords:
:USA: Mog
:Peru: ZsSuperCumulo
:Germany: Shave
:Kazakhstan: DV-
:Germany: HighTac

Captains will soon be invited into the captain channel on discord to work out the details of the live draft, which will hopefully take place in the next couple days. After the draft all players will be invited to their teams respective discord channel to begin scheduling matches. So stay tuned for that!

Now, back to the new format. You may remember from last time we had a set schedule of matches with fun modes mixed in with regular modes. Well, this time we are bringing the power of the fun modes directly to the teams themselves, in the form of cards.

Captain Cards (Edited)

Each captain will have the following 5 cards at their disposal:
- Exploration card - Captain gets map choice
- Earth card - No air units allowed
- Silence card - No chat allowed
- Shackles card - Captain bans 1 hero from each race + 1 tavern hero
- Truth card - All players' identities will be revealed before the match

Admins will publish the entire schedule of matches for the event prior to the first playweek. This schedule will include the time and map (which may include random hero maps) as well as if the match is 4-way or 2v2v2v2. Then, by the beginning of each playweek, captains will announce which cards they will use for that week. Captains can use at most one card per match, and after a card is used, it is lost and cannot be used again. So choose wisely!

Note that multiple team's cards can stack. For example if one team uses their Earth card while another uses their Silence card in the same match, then that match will be no air units and no chat!

A few more caveats: the Exploration card is first come priority, so if 2 captains go for map choice in the same match, only the first captain to announce his cards will get to choose, while the second captain will get his card back. Exploration and Shackle cards cannot be used on a random heroes map. For Shackle card, if two captains ban a different set of heroes in the same match, both cards will be applied and used. For Earth, Silence, and Truth cards, if multiple captains use it in same match, both team's card will be used up.

Games and Points (Edited)

There will be a total of 25 matches in the event, 20 four-way FFAs (regular and random heroes) and five 2v2v2v2s. Each game will involve only 4 teams, meaning each game one team will sit out.

A team will be awarded 10 points for each four-way won, and 20 points for each 2v2v2v2 won.

This time, at the beginning of the playweek, captains only need to send to admins which cards they will use. They do not need to assign players to matches at the start of the week. Captains will work with their team to send a player into a match. They only need to inform admins which player was chosen after each match is played. This will make it easier for teams to adjust plans as people's schedules change. Players can play as many games as their captain allows. However!...

If a player has already played 4 or more games, then a win for that player only awards 1 point. Similarly for the 2v2v2v2, for each player with over 4 games on a team, a win will award 9 less points for that team. As an additional incentive to give a chance to all members to play, at the end of the event if all of a team's members have played 3 or more games, then that team gets a bonus of 10 points.

Okay that about sums it up. Feel free to ask questions below, and good luck to everyone. Stay tuned for the draft and team roster announcement!

Congratulations again to :USA::ne: Sir Wrecktify for taking home the crown in our latest season of FML. We hope you all have been enjoying the short break after a tough season, however, things are never quiet around here for long.

We are officially announcing the resurgence of Team Battle Royale, back for its second installment! This time around we will be implementing a number of modifications and improvements, of which more details will follow soon.

Applications are open to everyone including new players. For those of you who missed out on the last TBR, it is essentially a team olympic event that runs over a few weeks, involving anonymous 4-way FFAs and 2v2v2v2s with various fun game modes.

A quick reminder about captains. A small amount of applicants will be chosen as captains. Captains will be responsible for drafting their team members, scheduling matches, resolving disputes, and generally being available to work with admins running the league. It can be a bit of work, so please only apply to be a captain if you are up to the task.


If you wish to apply, please post below the following information. A * means it is required. Applications are due end of day Wednesday July 19th (EST)

*Discord ID name and #:
Country and timezone:
Races you play:
*Want to be a captain? Yes/No:
If yes, what would make you a good captain?:
Any other comments that a captain might want to know about you during the draft:


:USA: Wrecktify
:Germany: WeAkUD
:USA: Mog[Skynet]*
:Russia: SomethingWicked
:Australia: SweeT
:Germany: QQs
:Russia: Airenikus
:Germany: trunkz
:Russia: Dinamo-
:Germany: Slythe

:Bulgaria: ObserveAndLearn
:Germany: ena1337
:USA: Eshan
:Peru: ZsSuperCumulo*
:Kazakhstan: DV*
:Lithuania: Neri
:Russia: Reinforceement-
:Germany: Shave*
:Finland: aarnikratti
:Russia: vAsAr

:USA: SteppinRazor
:Russia: mrSweets
:Sweden: fetta_ook
:USA: Dovekie
:Germany: Lightweight
:Germany: HighTac*
:Hungaria: Tyrant66
:Russia: qwest
:Switzerland: noexxx
:Russia: TheGreatWall

:Lithuania: Peanut
:France: Ponty
:Poland: Gradient
:Poland: BloodMonster
:Sweden: junkerzam
:Russia: Jaod
:Germany: Ostone
:Denmark: zTsoso
:Russia: b100death
:USA: Alien

06 Jul 2017 - Season 25 Finals recap

Congratulations to our newly crowned FML champion  :USA: :ne: Wrecktify!

With the win this season, Wrecktify distances himself from the rest of the field by achieving a record 4th FML title, and his first since season 16 where he debuted his new  :ne: race under the smurf DarkFlameMaster. While there will always be some controversy regarding the matter, no one can deny Wrecktify has put up the results when it counts. Wrecktify also becomes the first :USA: champion in quite some time, bringing the crown back to the states for the first time since season 18.

How did Wrecktify accomplish this feat you may ask? Well let's take a journey to the lovely desert known as Cozy Sands and find out. Right out of the gate, Wrecktify left no doubt about his feelings toward the map--complaining very loudly both pre-game and in-game about how horrible the map pick was. This manip tactic worked well for him, as he used his blame of the map to justify a crucial creepjack on fellow finalist  :ud: Junkerzam, at Junkerzam's goblin lab.  :ne: Wrecktify then used the ensuing confusion (which he stirred in the first place) over who's creep camp it should have been, to capitalize by destroying  :ud: Junkerzam's expand; setting himself up for an advantageous 1v1 scenario. Feeling he was backed into a corner,  :ud: Junkerzam launched an ill-advised offensive directly into  :ne: Wrecktify's main. The battle did not go well for our beloved admin, as  :ne: Wrecktify used his hero level advantage and superior army to crush  :ud: Junkerzam and push our undead player back--meanwhile being very vocal about how Junkerzam was winning.

On the opposite end of the map, an intense 1v1 was also taking place between everybody's hero  :hu: Noexxx, and everybody's villain  :ud: Tleilaxu. In a surprising twist, the wagonmancer army of  :ud: Tleilaxu was able to prevail over the mortar heavy army of  :hu: Noexxx, in what seemed like a day long battle at the human player's expansion. Despite gaining a large hero level advantage through the constant destruction of waves and waves of skeleton armies, our human hero slowly began to lose ground, eventually losing both of his expansions as he succumbed to the curse of the undead. A key hero loss by  :ud: Tleilaxu seemed to be the only thing keeping  :hu: Noexxx in the game. Unfortunately for them, their intense 1v1 kept them both from keeping tabs on the other 1v1....which was going quite differently than what the chat would make it seem.

Never being able to re-secure his expansions,  :ud: Junkerzam decided to push all in on a desperate 100 food push; hoping to catch  :ne: Wrecktify still hoarding his 3 wisp expansion. However, the cards had not fallen in his favor, as our eventual champion had also built up to 100 food. With a much larger resource bank, and higher hero levels,  :ne: Wrecktify demolished the gargoyle based army of  :ud: Junkerzam; essentially removing Junkerzam from the game (although it would take him some time to finish his own buildings off with a few of his own units).

Unaware of the one sided affair on the other end of the map,  :ud: Tleilaxu took a little extra time to set up an expand of his own at Noexxx's old natural, before continuing to push into the human player's main base. A valiant defense of his tattered base gave  :hu: Noexxx a glimmer of hope, as  :ud: Tleilaxu was unable to finish him before a maxed out night elf army came to the rescue.  :ne: Wrecktify cleverly decided to utilize his army's mobility to take the scenic route around the beautiful Cozy Sands, consistenly dodging  :ud: Tleilaxu's clunky wagonmancer army, while picking off undead buildings with his 100 supply chippo force. Meanwhile, both players tried their best to convince  :hu: Noexxx to help them, but with his lack of scouting intel, and heavily crippled position, Noexxx decided to stay in his base and attempt to grab some resources from his old natural.

Understandably tired of playing ring around the rosy with  :ne: Wrecktify,  :ud: Tleilaxu tp'd into a very unfavorable position attempting to defend his main base. The splash of the chimera devastated  :ud: Tleilaxu's ground based army, and with nowhere to retreat his forces were quickly destroyed; spelling disaster for our undead anti-hero. A quick scout alerted  :hu: Noexxx to the dire situation, and he and his former enemy quickly teamed up. Ultimately, it was to little to late, and  :ne: Wrecktify used charm along with his 100 supply army to great effect; eventually securing the hero kills necessary to clinch his 4th FML grand final's victory.

A huge congratulations to all our finalists for making it this far in our 25th season, and an especially huge congratulations to  :USA: :ne: Wrecktify for winning it all! Thank you to everyone who participated this season, and stay tuned for more information on what's coming next here at FML!

06 Jul 2017 - S25 Final Result

s25 Final
:Switzerland: :ra: noexxx
:Sweden: :ra: FML|junkerzam
:USA: :ne: Wrecktify
:Denmark: :ud: Tleilaxu

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02 Jul 2017 - S25 Grand Finals

Here we are! After a grueling season filled with drama, passion, heartbreak, and perseverance; we've reached the final stage: The grand finals. On FFA's largest, and most prestigious stage, we have four warriors ready to fight for the honor of making their mark on FML, by putting their name in the hallowed FML hall of fame. I'm sure by now we are all familiar with these four players--whether you love them, revere them, or hate them; they are all deserving of their spot here in this grand final.

For my own personal pleasure I have acted as the designated Sorting Hat and divided these players up between the 4 Hogwarts Houses. So let's meet the players:

 :USA: :ne: Wrecktify
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor - Courageous, bold, and a bit reckless.
Finishing in 1st place this season and earning a direct seed into these finals we have our well established Night Elf player Wrecktify. A well known face (and voice) in this community, Wrecktify keeps putting up solid results after all this time. We can definitely dub him the veteran of this group, having already won three FML titles in the past; the first dating all the way back to season 6. Despite playing a consistently predictable style, Wrecktify is still an opponent many fear, due to his overall solid micro, macro, and game sense. Throw in just enough mental instability to suicide you at any given moment, and it is no wonder many tread carefully when involved in the same game as Wrecktify. No stranger to the finals, Wrecktify will be hoping his experience will be enough to put his name in the history books as the only 4x FML champ in the long history of the league.

 :Switzerland: :hu: Noexxx
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw - Wise, creative, and original.
Finishing 2nd in the standings this season we have our Human player Noexxx. The current reigning FML champion, Noexxx will be looking to repeat his Season 24 success, and become the first player in over a decade to win back to back FML titles. No one has achieved such a feat since the early days, back when Target won seasons 2 and 3. Despite having a no show in week 2, Noexxx found a way directly to the finals by winning all 3 of the matches he showed up for. Widely considered the strongest  :hu: player of the season, there are still many questions Noexxx must answer if he hopes to repeat as FML champion. Will his beloved Panda burn through the opposition? Will he use mechanical critters to create a new meta creeproute? And just how many towers exactly will he build? Only time holds the key to unlocking these answers; for now, we the fans wait with bated breath.

 :Sweden: :ra: FML|Junkerzam
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff - Trustworthy, kind, and just.
Our final direct seed into the finals is the lone torch bearer for the admin team. Well, supposedly he is on the admin team, but looking around it is hard to see any work done by him  :icon_lol:. As the creator of the first ever randomized match making system used this season, many find themselves asking the question, was the system rigged? We may never know. However, after watching Junkerzam's matches, the doubt will be dispelled from our minds by his smart and crisp play. Decisive decision making and subtle manipulation, paired with his well above average micro and macro make Junkerzam a very dangerous player indeed. Good with all four races, preparing to play against Junkerzam will be challenging for our other competitors. Will Junkerzam be able to leverage this racial diversity into an advantage? Or will the burden of preparing for a match of this magnitude with four different races be too much for him to carry? One thing we know for certain; Junkerzam would be a much deserving new entry into the FML hall of fame should things fall in his favor.

 :Denmark: :ud: Tleilaxu
Hogwarts House: Slytherin - Cunning, resourceful, and proud.
Our final competitor has crawled through the bloody gauntlet of the semi finals, and is looking to prove to his critics that he is indeed deserving of a first ever FML title. Often underestimated, Tleilaxu is widely considered to have more bark than bite. However, this season he has proven he can not only hang with the best--he can defeat them. A necrowagon specialist, Tleilaxu is not only dangerous in the early game, but also in the late game, where he has shown countless times the ability to cleverly slither his way through tight situations in order to come out on top. This self proclaimed Anti-hero's journey has not been an easy one, battling through many FML seasons the resilience and growth Tleilaxu has shown can not be understated. Will it all culminate in a highly coveted FML crown? This dark horse certainly hopes so.


01 Jul 2017 - M98 Result

:Russia: :ra: Dinam0
:Australia: :orc: SweeT
:Denmark: :ud: Tleilaxu
:France: :ra: SosoHasRedHair

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27 Jun 2017 - Finals is here!


The four regular rounds of the silver anniversary season have been played out and we've seen some great games. It really came down to the wire in the battle for a seat at the final table where the absolute last two games played a huge part in the final outcome. As a result we now have 3/4 of the finals line-up complete and four semi finalists ready to duke it out for the final spot. We congratulate the following players and thank everyone who did not advance for a great season!

Grand finals:
:USA::ne: Wrecktify :gold:
:Switzerland::hu: Noexxx :gold:
:Sweden::ra: Junkerzam :gold:

Semi final:
:Russia::ne: Dinamo
:Australia::ne: Sweet
:Denmark::ud: Tleilaxu
:Germany::ra: SosoHasRedHair

The semi final will be played on the classic map Twilight Ruins, schedule away!

25 Jun 2017 - M23 Result

:France: :ra: SosoHasRedHair
:Sweden: :ra: FML|junkerzam
:Russia: :ra: Dinam0
:Germany: :ra: trunkz

No replay... someone needs to upload it~

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25 Jun 2017 - M24 Result

:World: :ra: aarnikratti- (sub for :Germany: :orc: ena1337)
:USA: :ne: Wrecktify
:Russia: :ud: qwest
:Russia: :ra: reinforceement-

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19 Jun 2017 - M20 Result

:Sweden: :orc: fetta_ook
:World: :ra: aarnikratti (sub for :USA: :ra: SteppinRazor)
:Germany: :ra: Slythe
:Australia: :orc: SweeT

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